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  • Dear Tara,

    Thank you so much for reading my descriptive essay and thanks a lot for your encouragement.

  • Hi Tara… Thank you for your advice, ESLgold is a great site to study English I just love it, Thank you so much.
    Tara, I’ve been visiting your site and I have to tell you that I’m just in love with everything in there… What can I say about your job? FABULOUS … GREAT…. AMAZING… Well your are so FANTASTIC.
    Once again Thank you so very much
    Write at Home Journal - Bravenet Blog
  • Hi Tara,
    Could you please help me to understand this sentence better?

    --Teachers use “use” when talking about language and the reasons for choosing certain words.—

    What I didn’t understand is:
    “When talking” and not “when they are talking” and also “for choosing certain words” could be “had chose certain words”.
    So, Could I write the sentence like?
     Teacher use “use” when they are talking about language and the reason had chose certain words.
    Thank you for your help.
  • Hi Tara.Thanks for your comment.I'm waiting for the next one:-)
  • Hi Tara,
    Glad to know you. Finally I found a good space to practice my english. Would you be my friend..couse I don't have any yet. I really want to chatt with someone who know english well...because I don't feel confident with my english. Please correct me if I made mistake. Thanks
  • Hi Tara,
    How's everything? I've been trying to get access here, but always failed to. I don't know why--maybe something wrong with my computer or the Internet service agents. Thankfully, I managed to get in by a Proxy. I can see my blog 'Native speakers', but can't find all the comments--it's really confusing and a little strange. I still have connecting problem, but I hope everything will be back on track soon.
    However, I can connect to the 'Twitter'--I got just one 'following'(Englishclub). And I failed to find you there. Hope everything will be going well for you.
  • My heart bleeds for the kids. Most really want to learn English but the school administration does not have a clue. The school is only in its 2nd year but if they do not change administrators I do not know if they will make 3. The parents are getting frustrated and justifiably so
  • hi
  • Dear Tara, Thanks for adding me:))

    Have a nice one..

  • Hi Tara,
    Your challenge #3 is really very challenging... :-). That's a nice one too. More please. :-)
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