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This is a group of members who will take the time to welcome newcomers to MyEC. Committee members will suggest ways for newcomers to become involved. Members of this committee will also take the time to report members who are unwelcome.

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Expector Smith

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This group is not for everybody. Here is a checklist to decide whether or not to join this group. If you can answer YES to all of these questions, please become a member of the MyEC Welcoming Committee.

  • Do I use MyEC often?
  • Do I understand the many features of MyEC and can I show others how these are useful for learning or teaching English? (videos, blogs, challenges, groups, chat room)
  • Do I have time to welcome at least one new member each time I log on?
  • Do I want MyEC to be an English-only, safe, friendly, and fun community?

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  • Nice To Be A Member of This Awesome Committee!

    Follow My Activities On SKYPERS.

    We Will Be Happy To See You Around.


  • Hi guys, How do you do? 

    and Dear Mr Expector and all old members :V

    I am glad to be here!

    :) Thanks

  • Dear Expector! I will be thankful if you tell all of us how to find new members now. Something has changed and they are no longer at the begging of the list on the main page.

    Thank you in advance!

  • I am really happy to be a part of this group, thanks to invite me.

  • Dear Expector Smith! Thank you for your kind explanations! I've just welcomed one newcomer. It would be nice if you tell me if such way is OK.

  • Hi Danny,

    You can see the newbies on the main page of MyEC - you won't miss it. Try to click on one of the profile pictures and greet the new member chosen by you. 

    Thanks a lot!

  • But I have a question How to see the newcomers?

  • Let me join you, Expector Smith! I will not let you down! I answer "yes" meaning all your questions

  • Hi Lynne,

    Thanks a lot! Hope you can help welcome new members!

This reply was deleted.

Members Approval

Dear Friends, I have set a new rule for Skypers Group that says "You must be a member of MyEC to Join us on Skype!" SKYPERS Group is always on top of the list of uncle Google when people search for an English Partner or Group. That's why I receive a lot of requests! My Q is: Is it possible to approve members faster? It takes some days to be approved in some cases.Regards. 

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What could be a good offer for newbies?

When you welcome newbies, you'll probably offer something to them. Then, what could be a good offer? I'll offer to help them to learn/improve their English by telling them what they can do on this site, showing them some useful links, such as Tara's page, encouraging/helping them to write their own blogs or adding/leaving comments on other members' blogs, and so on.

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Useful links for newbies

"Newbie" is slang for someone who is new (not experienced) at something or someone who is new to a group. Anjana suggested we create a list of links that are useful for newbies. That way, when we welcome new members we can direct them to this page. This was a great idea! Please help me by adding more helpful MyEC links in the comments.MyEC User Guide FAQ: Chat:…

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