A place to bookmark and share links to your favourite MyEC blog posts, photos, videos, and profile pages. You can also store links to your favourite EC pages. Add a discussion in your own name. Example: "Rodolfo's Favourites".
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Add your Own Favourites

This group was inspired by Rodolfo's question in the Help Desk. Now you can share quick links to your favourite blogs, photos, resources, profiles, etc. (See Tara's Favourites for an example.)

1. Create a Discussion in this group titled: My Favourites (use your own name)
2. Add your favourite links from MyEC and EC. How to add a link.
3. Edit your Discussion when you want to add a new link.
4. Browse other members' favourites to find useful links.

*In American English, the spelling is "favorites". In British English, the spelling is "favourites".

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  • Hi ! Skoon is here !


  • You could also add your favourites to Delicious so that more people can access them. You can keep your links private or public. I hope everyone will check out my tasty ones. This is a work in progress: http://delicious.com/TEFLTara/
  • I have added a new link in my discussion ...
    Enjoy your time all...

  • -Nadiyah-
    PS-If you add NEW links to your favourites you can leave a comment on this wall. For example I am going to add "Teacher Challenge 2010" to Tara's Favourites now. (If you are a teacher, please help us with our goal!)
  • I'd like to welcome all of the new members here! If you are going to be a member of this group, please take the time to share your own favourites. Click on +Start Discussion. Type My (your name) Favourites. Add links to your favourite pages. It's easy!
  • Hi, everyone! What a great idea to start such a discussion! I do like it. Thank you, Tara for giving us a possibility to express our preferences.
  • congratulation !
    I think MyEC Favourites is one of the favorite groups
    thank you for the great group, dear Tara

  • Hi all.
    I hope you have a good time in all of your time.
    Moreover, I have special thanks from Tara for her activities.
    My favorate link is: mygroups and MyPic
    You can enjoy with it!!!
This reply was deleted.

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