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Josef Essberger and Persona are now friends
2 hours ago
Persona liked Nguyen Ngọc Mai's blog post The balance between work and life
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Happy to have my friends back )))
Persona liked Rosemary :)'s blog post °•○ I Feel Chill in My Bones ○•°
3 hours ago
Persona commented on Rosemary :)'s blog post °•○ I Feel Chill in My Bones ○•°
"Lol I enjoyed reading comments "
3 hours ago
Rosemary :) commented on Rosemary :)'s blog post °•○ I Feel Chill in My Bones ○•°
" @Mr Joseph  :) it's okay at least I knew that no one is using the word chilliness  

@ Persona  and…"
3 hours ago

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○°• The 2 Doors •°○

     Let's assume this scene was taking place in front of your eyes . Tow doors were opened and you had to choose to get in quickly into one of them . These are doors of tow houses , where , you will stay locked in for the rest of your life .…

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A child is a treasure of the family.

 When we have children,  we feel blessed,  we are happy. 

 Children are like a treasure, something we take care of, something we enjoy seeing,  feeling everytime by our side. A child is a gift…

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Let's Walk

I got up a bit early this morning because I wanted to go jogging in the park where is near my home. I jogged about 15 minutes, and I did jump ropes 70 times. It is time for me to start doing exercises again. As…

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Before the site's new "glow up" I used to post several blogs teaching -whoever that's interesred- idioms by showing 'em a picture and they were supposed to guess the idiom via the visual clue. Here's the first I.D.I.O.M.A.7.I.C…

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Hi everyone!

Hi everyone! My name is Ngọc Mai. I am a new comer in this club. I have been living in HCM city in Viet Nam. I want to improve my English. If you have the same purpose, please connect with me by email: Thank you!  

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1 Reply · Reply by SNR Jun 9

Hello everyone

HI, I just thought I would introduce myself. My name is John and I was born and raised near Manchester in the U.K. I have been living and working in Asia for over six years now. I love the culture and people in Asia and have decided this is where I…

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4 Replies · Reply by John Hardy Jun 8

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Canada To Ban Single Use Plastics by 2021

Pre-Listening Vocabulary ban: to disallow harmful: causing damage coast: the edge where land meets water confirm: to state that something is true cutlery: tools for eating with (e.g., forks, knives, spoons) responsible for: having a duty; in charge… Continue

Paper Sizes Vocabulary

Paper sizes around the world are divided mostly into:
1. The International system (ISO)

Most countries worldwide (except USA and Canada)

2. The North American system (ANSI)

Mostly USA and Canada…