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Josef Essberger replied to Josef Essberger's discussion Your ideas about NEW MyEC, good or bad
"Let me check please, but may take a while."
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"I did it.Mr. But I see not only the only ones but also the off line ones, a bit confused. Thanks."
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"Hi RebA. Please click on Main Room to see members online :)"
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Josef Essberger replied to Josef Essberger's discussion Your ideas about NEW MyEC, good or bad
"Yes, Paula really does a great job. Thanks for your feedback Rose."
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Cherry Blossom in Portland, OR, USA.
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"Hi Miss Hadeel,
I think if it is a job that isn't so hard to do and a wife can do it easily, that w…"
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"Nice vi.... thanks for sharing"
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Hi & Thx
It's very good.
Gabriel Sowrian left a comment on SKYPERS
"Hi, friends!
If you are NOT HAPPY AT ALL about your ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION and clueless how to overc…"
6 hours ago

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    I am wailing my youth in front of my mirror checking every inch in my face .I don't look that bad there's no wrinkles yet but they are hidden down in my skin. There are 4 only 4 grey hairs . I can cover them no one will see them . In my…

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Bury The Hatchet

New version of MYEC introduced on 18th May 2019 is a good step toward infusing enthusiasm in members for revival of MYEC as most members were lossing interest in here. The updated EC has…

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Dictionary for EnglishClub New Comers

1. Amigos = Friend (Spanish)

2. Brb = Be right back

3. Baji = Dear sister (Hindi)

4. Bhai = Dear brother (Hindi)

5. Caramba = Wow

6. Da =The

7. Dostum = dear firend (turkenglish)

8. Fyi = For your…

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Why I am Bipolar and enjoy it

I have been bipolar since my son was 2nd elementary grade. First I was ashamed but I realized that I was lucky. Why? Many famous celebrities are bipolar survivor and also caregiver. It is not humiliating. It is a blessing in disguise. for more…

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My Lovely Day

I was sitting on my chair while reading a label on my multi vitamin I got this morning. It is said that " Dear the blood's donators, Today you have donated part of your precious thing. The sick people are…

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Story Writing Guide

The individual’s inclusion in society is commonly symbolized by a wedding or a feast. A tragic story tells of an individual who is established in society and later on finds isolation which often in symbolized by death. These are set…

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MyEC Forum

I believe...

I believe when people suffer lacking something, it is predominant in their speeches... What do you think? Sometimes we see people our around that complain about others behavior, traits ...but when we see deeply,, they try to attribute that traits to…

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Sentence Stress Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests your understanding of sentence stress rules of English pronunciation. …
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Meghan & Harry Announce Birth of Royal Baby

Pre-Listening Vocabulary speculation: the formation of a theory throne: the position of head monarch title: a word that describes a person’s honour or rank (e.g., Queen) easel: a fancy holder for an important document or piece of art Meghan &… Continue

WHO Pilots World’s First Malaria Vaccine

Pre-Listening Vocabulary WHO: the World Health Organization pilot: to test vaccine: a substance that provides protection against a disease dose: a single amount of medicine insecticide: a substance that keeps insects away in conjunction: together… Continue