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Vi Nguyen commented on Vi Nguyen's photo
"Feel good to be there at the water fall and feel the water sprinkle over the body."
4 minutes ago
Vi Nguyen commented on Vi Nguyen's photo
"Yes, definitetly a place for your next visit."
5 minutes ago
Vi Nguyen commented on Vi Nguyen's photo
"The water fall beautiful view."
6 minutes ago
Vi Nguyen commented on Vi Nguyen's photo
"Beautiful place for visitors to come and see it."
8 minutes ago
Vi Nguyen commented on Vi Nguyen's photo
"Glad that you like it, see the water fall is good for you since it never been seen in the desert pl…"
10 minutes ago
Vi Nguyen commented on Vi Nguyen's photo
"The Multnomah Fall is a very attractive places for visitors to come to see it."
11 minutes ago
James.Chen replied to Alex's discussion Hello!
"HI ALEX, Oh, is this image of your city? Very good-looking."
31 minutes ago
James.Chen replied to Allen's discussion A seasoned ESL Instructor
"HI Allen, I have JUST seen your message here. Hope you could see my reply in time. Guess you will…"
35 minutes ago
James.Chen replied to Sunho's discussion Sunho's Self Introduction
"HI Sunho! Haha, it is interesting you say you are long time learner of English. And I once worked a…"
41 minutes ago
James.Chen replied to Penny's discussion To Introduce Myself
"HI Penny, We hope to see your new progress. Obviously you have got foundation of English studies.…"
48 minutes ago
cynthia williams is now a member of MyEnglishClub
51 minutes ago
cynthia williams updated their profile
55 minutes ago
James.Chen replied to Tam's discussion Hello, everyone
"Hi Tam, Nice meeting you! Hoping to see your new messages. I am very interested in famous places…"
59 minutes ago
James.Chen replied to Novisna Lintang's discussion Hello There!
"HI Novisna Lintang, Actually today conversation is easy to make, if you can paint or sing well. Lik…"
1 hour ago
James.Chen replied to Annamaria's discussion hi :)
"HI Annamaria!
It is nice to see your introduction message here! The point that you can play violin…"
1 hour ago
James.Chen and Shoaib Yunus are now friends
1 hour ago
James.Chen posted a discussion
HI ! Nice meeting you ! I am James.Chen in Wuhan. I am interested in audio editing, sound reproduct…
1 hour ago
MA NO commented on MA NO's blog post You need to read this :)
"Hello Rosemary, 
If I understood well, you had had an another account in the old MyEC before this o…"
1 hour ago
Rosemary :) liked Nadezhda's photo
2 hours ago
Rosemary :) commented on MA NO's blog post You need to read this :)
"   Hi MA  NO , I have  a personal   problem  of mine  . It's is I have had an account  before this…"
2 hours ago

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How to "string it out"

These days it's all about STRINGING IT OUT. People pay thousands, nay millions, to media companies and PR companies to stay in the news as long as possible. STRING IT OUT! That's the cry. Two recent cases in point:

1. Prince…

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Bury The Hatchet

New version of MYEC introduced on 18th May 2019 is a good step toward infusing enthusiasm in members for revival of MYEC as most members were lossing interest in here. The updated EC has…

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Why I am Bipolar and enjoy it

I have been bipolar since my son was 2nd elementary grade. First I was ashamed but I realized that I was lucky. Why? Many famous celebrities are bipolar survivor and also caregiver. It is not humiliating. It is a blessing in disguise. for more…

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Hello everyone! My name is Nadezhda,I am 41 year old.I live and work in Moscow. I try to learn English by myself so I need in help.I do not try to find a native speaker.I want to find an English learning partner. This is my first day on this site…

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6 Replies · Reply by Gabriel Sowrian 3 hours ago

I believe...

I believe when people suffer lacking something, it is predominant in their speeches... What do you think? Sometimes we see people our around that complain about others behavior, traits ...but when we see deeply,, they try to attribute that traits to…

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2 Replies · Reply by Mishaikh on Tuesday

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Sentence Stress Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests your understanding of sentence stress rules of English pronunciation. …
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Meghan & Harry Announce Birth of Royal Baby

Pre-Listening Vocabulary speculation: the formation of a theory throne: the position of head monarch title: a word that describes a person’s honour or rank (e.g., Queen) easel: a fancy holder for an important document or piece of art Meghan &… Continue