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From Whitewash to Greenwash

GREENWASHING is a fairly recent idea - deliberately making a company's products and activities look "greener" than they really are. Classic public relations BS!

Reading Exercise: Saving Natural Habitats

Saving natural habitats is an urgent task, and it's something we can all help with. Find out what you can do to stop environmental destruction and save the world's endangered habitats and the animals, plants, birds and fish that live in them.

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"When I looked at the background. I found you were on the second floor. It seemed to be a nice spot…"
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":o. Brother you don't wear a mask. Be careful with the police!! :D.
Greetings to my sister. ))
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Gabriel Sowrian replied to Gabriel Sowrian's discussion PRONUNCIATION of the DAY - 2021 in Pronunciation Problem & Solution

 Can you type out the written word of this pronunciation?"
3 hours ago
MARY commented on Peony's blog post Enjoy The Process
"Yes, okay. *clicking on the li....*"
6 hours ago
MARY commented on Adriano Martelli's blog post I CAN'T BREATHE ! I CAN'T BREATHE !
"Today in "Questions With An Obvious Answer":  Why do people who have power end up being f*kin…"
8 hours ago