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Hamidreza Rezaei posted a status
Nothing just teaching as a lecturer in university and being in lock down...
4 hours ago
Persian girl posted a status
Some people just act like they are trying to help you!!
5 hours ago
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"Yes, they are tasty, Ishtar."
7 hours ago
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This Week in History -
8 hours ago
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"is she praying before eating? Cool!!"
8 hours ago
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Daily PHRASAL VERB - go about #englishclub
9 hours ago
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SAYING of the DAY - The end justifies the means #englishclub
10 hours ago
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"Yaa exactly... Bossona"
12 hours ago
Kingang posted a blog post
"They want to help others, and in a match that has so many chances for mistakes and loss, that is…
13 hours ago
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