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Why I am Bipolar and enjoy it

I have been bipolar since my son was 2nd elementary grade. First I was ashamed but I realized that I was lucky. Why? Many famous celebrities are bipolar survivor and also caregiver. It is not humiliating. It is a blessing in disguise. for more…

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My Lovely Day

I was sitting on my chair while reading a label on my multi vitamin I got this morning. It is said that " Dear the blood's donators, Today you have donated part of your precious thing. The sick people are…

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Story Writing Guide

The individual’s inclusion in society is commonly symbolized by a wedding or a feast. A tragic story tells of an individual who is established in society and later on finds isolation which often in symbolized by death. These are set…

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•°○ The Worst Possibility ○°•

            One of my ways to wind up my worries is to imagine the worst , thus I was able to determine , how to act behave or do things . It's my own personal methods to stop anxiety from eating me up or breaking me down into small pieces…

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Our Mind

I've discovered that our mind can make us sick too. Our thoughts can also create a war in the middle of a paradise. Sometimes our mind acts like an untamed horse or like a typhoon creating more chaos where that's not necessary. Instead of giving…

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I believe...

I believe when people suffer lacking something, it is predominant in their speeches... What do you think? Sometimes we see people our around that complain about others behavior, traits ...but when we see deeply,, they try to attribute that traits to…

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Sentence Stress Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests your understanding of sentence stress rules of English pronunciation. …
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Meghan & Harry Announce Birth of Royal Baby

Pre-Listening Vocabulary speculation: the formation of a theory throne: the position of head monarch title: a word that describes a person’s honour or rank (e.g., Queen) easel: a fancy holder for an important document or piece of art Meghan &… Continue

WHO Pilots World’s First Malaria Vaccine

Pre-Listening Vocabulary WHO: the World Health Organization pilot: to test vaccine: a substance that provides protection against a disease dose: a single amount of medicine insecticide: a substance that keeps insects away in conjunction: together… Continue