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Hi pals, there's an SSL warning that appears when I attempt to log in the site, is it a problem wi…
Nadezhda posted photos
55 minutes ago
Fizzy replied to Josef Essberger's discussion Your ideas about NEW MyEC, good or bad
"Mr Josef
Could you set SSL for myEC.  My antivirus keep showing a warning as this page is not safe.…"
2 hours ago
Sweetest Pleasure commented on O. M.'s photo
"What a lovely view !"
3 hours ago
Gabriel Sowrian replied to Gabriel Sowrian's discussion TALK TO ME over SKYPE in SKYPERS
"These are the CORRECT PRONUNCIATIONS (in red) of the above words. Is this how you pronounce them? I…"
5 hours ago
Fizzy liked O. M.'s photo
10 hours ago
Fizzy commented on O. M.'s photo
"Aww.. so beautiful "
10 hours ago
Fizzy posted a blog post
After few weeks awayme : open my laptop. (password enter) (Google chrome) (MyEC)me: (Shock)  what..…
10 hours ago
Don't bury your failures,get inspired from them....

It is a different version of the quote from ri…
Enchanted prince liked Rosemary :)'s blog post ○°• At the Door step of My 40s °○•
11 hours ago
Enchanted prince liked O. M.'s photo
11 hours ago
Mamadou Malal Diallo left a comment on Let's speak English
"Hello, I'll be very grateful to have an English speaking partener to interact with. Thanks"
12 hours ago
Rosemary :) liked O. M.'s photo
12 hours ago
Rosemary :) commented on Rosemary :)'s blog post ○°• At the Door step of My 40s °○•
"   @ Rose  , thanks for all of your words and golden advice of staying young from the inside :) 
12 hours ago
Nadezhda replied to Glosky's discussion Do you love fashion?
Is fasion really important ? I think -no.Why?Because first of all we should have a tender he…"
14 hours ago
ella replied to Josef Essberger's discussion Your ideas about NEW MyEC, good or bad
"Hello, Mr. Josef..
I think it will be very good and attractive site in the end..
Few things missing…"
15 hours ago
Beatrice (shahpari) liked Roman's profile
15 hours ago
Nadezhda replied to Nadezhda's discussion Hello)
"Thank you very much!"
15 hours ago
Nadezhda replied to Nadezhda's discussion Hello)
"Thank you very much!!!"
15 hours ago
Nadezhda replied to Nadezhda's discussion Hello)
Do not be so serious with James Bond))"
15 hours ago

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~2019 - 06 : I don't have friends ~

After few weeks away

me : open my laptop. (password enter) (Google chrome) (MyEC)

me: (Shock)  what.. what..  MyEC looks different with new layout

me : (Blur and roaming myEC) 

me : (click myPage icon and try to figure…

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How to "string it out"

These days it's all about STRINGING IT OUT. People pay thousands, nay millions, to media companies and PR companies to stay in the news as long as possible. STRING IT OUT! That's the cry. Two recent cases in point:

1. Prince…

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Bury The Hatchet

New version of MYEC introduced on 18th May 2019 is a good step toward infusing enthusiasm in members for revival of MYEC as most members were lossing interest in here. The updated EC has…

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Why I am Bipolar and enjoy it

I have been bipolar since my son was 2nd elementary grade. First I was ashamed but I realized that I was lucky. Why? Many famous celebrities are bipolar survivor and also caregiver. It is not humiliating. It is a blessing in disguise. for more…

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Hello everyone! My name is Nadezhda,I am 41 year old.I live and work in Moscow. I try to learn English by myself so I need in help.I do not try to find a native speaker.I want to find an English learning partner. This is my first day on this site…

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14 Replies · Reply by Nadezhda 15 hours ago

I believe...

I believe when people suffer lacking something, it is predominant in their speeches... What do you think? Sometimes we see people our around that complain about others behavior, traits ...but when we see deeply,, they try to attribute that traits to…

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2 Replies · Reply by Mishaikh on Tuesday

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Sentence Stress Quiz

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests your understanding of sentence stress rules of English pronunciation. …
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Meghan & Harry Announce Birth of Royal Baby

Pre-Listening Vocabulary speculation: the formation of a theory throne: the position of head monarch title: a word that describes a person’s honour or rank (e.g., Queen) easel: a fancy holder for an important document or piece of art Meghan &… Continue