Winning Page

What makes a Winning My Page?
Your My Page is your own space on the web. Take some time to make it unique. When people visit your page, they should be able to learn a few things about you. They should also be able to learn something about English. After all, that is the one thing we all have in common in this club. We are all learners, teachers, or lovers of the English language.

When you build your winning page, think quality, not quantity. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Use a unique profile photo (avatar)
You can't win the contest without a profile photo. Choose an interesting picture of yourself or a photo that tells members something about your dreams, passions, or interests. You can change your profile photo at any time. However, if you stick to one good, recognizable one it makes it easier for new friends to keep in touch.

Add videos
Winning pages will include videos that encourage users to improve their English. For example, some people add lyrics to music videos. Remember, content must be acceptable. Don't just rely on the web for videos. Do you have a video function on your digital camera? Take a video of yourself or your fellow students. You can teach a new grammar point or read a poem in front of the camera.

Use your music player
Think outside of the music box! Sharing music is fun, but there is more you can do. Add your voice, or an English podcast. Think of ways that you can help others improve their English. An audio introduction to yourself is a great way for people to put a voice to a name. Explore your friends' music players. If you find something you like add it to yours.

Create photo albums
Add photos that other people would be interested in. Landmarks, landscapes, and funny pictures are a few types that get viewed often. Make sure that you have permission to use any photo you upload. A winning page will have photos with titles and descriptions. If you have a lot of photos, sort them into albums. This makes it easier for members to search.

Personalize your page
All My Pages should not look alike. Remember you can drag some parts around with your mouse. You can also use bold lettering, italics, photos, and links in your blog pages and text box. Use the "your box" text area to write something about yourself. For example, you can describe yourself and your reason for joining, or share a personal cause. If you're looking for friends to chat with you can let visitors know. Place "your box" somewhere central.

Make friends
Winners have lots of friends! Take time to look at other My Pages. Read blogs and leave comments for people. You can search for members who have similar language levels. You can also look for members who live in a country you want to travel to. Try to add a friend or two each time you log in.

Start a blog
A blog is a great place to start a conversation. Pose an interesting question at the end of your blog. This will encourage readers to comment. You can also copy and paste an essay or story you've written in your blog. Some members use this space to ask questions about English that other members may be able to answer. Make sure your title is interesting. Your title should tell readers what the blog will be about.

Tip: When you add or change something on your My Page, a link to your profile will appear on the main page. In other words, more people will visit your page when you are an active member. If you see something you like on another member's page, leave a comment or rate it. This helps English Club decide which members to feature.

Check out the MyEC User Guide for more information.