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Using the verb "Stop"

Stop + -ing form or stop to-infinitive. How we have to use that verb?

Using the verb "stop" in the form stop + -ing (gerund) or stop to-infinitive, both of the verbs "stop" takes on a different meaning. 



Using "stop" + -ing form (gerund), means that action ends and will not continue. There is no causal relationship between the two verbs

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Hello MyEC! ^_^

Good morning, everyone! *because morning always shows enthusiasm. ^_^

I'm really sorry for my absense. There were a lot of things to do, and lot of things are new ^^, including MyEC. :)) Well, it's been years (:D kidding) I didn't wander on MyEC. I really miss writing a blog, post a picture, and discuss many things with you... Don't you? ^^

But before doing that, there is one thing I'd like to tell you about myself. I'm sorry since this is so privacy but important to me. :p:D A few months ago, m

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Martha Karolyi

she was one of hundreds of Victims of the former U.S. team doctor Larry Nassar. Now gymnast Sabrina bela karolyi Vega sued the famous coach few Karolyi and the of MIRROR partnersBela and Martha Karolyi (file photo, October, 2016)filed In the abuse scandal surrounding the former team doctor Larry Nassar, the U.S. gymnast Sabrina Vega has a lawsuit against the start-up Rainer Bela and Martha Karolyi. The charge is The long-standing team leaders they would not have protected aga

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•●° living and Dying °●•

     A famous local joke about a man and his tow wives . That he and the tow of them went out for a picnic and decided to ride on the chairlifts . During the ride one of the wives , was screaming and very frightened from the hights , while the other was very slient and clam .
All along there short journey of decending down the cliff . The man made comparison between them . Showing his respect and admiration for his silent wife attitude .
But this isn't all about brevary . Because , as the chair

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Hello everyone, I sometimes listen to youtube the most beautiful love songs to improve my general knowledge of English. For example, I listent when I am able to do it, I was born to love you, Somebody to love, Love of my life and then I feel myself more cheerful with other people and I think only in a positive way.

But if you are people who love to listen to English songs, what are your songs in which the singer (band or he/she) speaks of love for our health, for the Earth and so on? There're som

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His son became a song

If you are in deep sorrow and can't get over it, what should you do? You may wait for it to go away on its own, but you can't know how long it goes on. However, something may heal you from it.

Eric Clapton is a great musician and he was in deep sorrow in 1991. He lost his four-year-old son in March of 1991. His son fell to his death from the fifty-third floor of an upscale apartment in New York. We can't know how sad he was, and if he can ever recover. However, he must have recognized that he had

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Hello my dear friends, I know that most of you have to write letters for business and sometimes in your native language these are full of words and you have also to write many pages.  But in English for business and for personal letters, there's a rule that I am going to explain to you in this post.

It's a rule based on three words that begins by the letter C: Clearness, Concision, Courtesy.

Now a little example could explain that.

I see on a newsletter received by email an offer of cosmetics that

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°•● Real Faces ●•°

A famous saying by an Indian guru still resonate in my mind " one can say he knows a tree or a table , but no one can say that he knows a human " the guru argues his point of view proofing that human don't have a stable nature and they change all the time . You can't be judgemental if you are speaking about a human being and I try to remind myself with this all the time .                    

Even those who are so brutal have their bright side.                                                     

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New Year Gift from

Hi everyone

Happy New Year to you and yours!


We wanted to share a special gift with you, a free PDF file with a list of words that are different in American English and British English!

You can find it here:


Good luck and all the best!

Your Justlearn team

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The Society

I have been working for several organizations in my university campus. Through the journey, I have learnt so many things about life, carrier and humanity. I dedicated my labour for an organization which is working for students and providing facilities to learn English language within professional and academic premisses. Another one is an international technical organization, named IEEE, which is offering a platform to be connected to the largest technical network in the globe. I also work for a

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I saw that sparkling star
It was shining so bright!
All seemed so quiet, so right
that my heart was full of delight.

Now nothing is dark
because of that silent, gleaming star
that brought me peace and new light
and with joy my spirit ignites.

There it star!
dreaming and radiant, and even so far
like in heaven, so high!
flaming and cheering my heart.

You are filling my soul from that night
I want to live enjoying your sight
hearing your invitation so loud
giving to you my just rekindled life
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A Small Note

I don't have much to complain about 2019. It's like a starting point after a few challenging years during my time making one of my dreams come true, pursuing my further study. Well, it's not perfect, not exactly the one I wished and strived for, but I am grateful to be given the opportunity to complete the study. And when I came back to my institution, I had a chance to move from my old department where I felt I was done with into a place where I work for now. The dynamic work environment and a

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 There lived a man with his son.

He always gave pieces of advice to his son " Son!  Be wise, respect elderly people, never pick something up which doesn't belong to you "

" Alright, father" Said his son. 

One day, on the way to the mosq for the morning prayer, He (The man)  lit his torch light and he saw some money around, he picked the money up and put it in his pocket. 

The young boy saw him but didn't say anything. 

Back home, the man told his son to go and lie down until the Sun rises,  the young

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~ 2019 - 14: Last weekend of 2019 ~

Last weekend of 2019. 

That is all I want to say... hahaha

Hoping next year will be a good year. 

Few resolutions for next year which I don't know I will achieve it..  oh well... 

one of it probably tries to blogging more.. 

i see you when you see me..


Till next year

Fizzy @ Home


Music mode :  Nagging - IU feat Seulong

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Reading a chapter of the book "The Secret Garden"

Once, SNR suggested to read a story or parts of books, to report and to post it here.

As far as I could see, no one took part in this challenge, until now, I'll try to be the first one.
I couldn't use the tool That SNR had suggested for voice recording because it isn't available here for me, but I recorded my voice on youtube.
I hope you can open the link.

I read the first chapter of the book "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett".

Here is the link and the text:

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Songwriters write song lyrics

The songwriters find his/her own voices in mind, and he/she writes his/her thought on papers.  Then the musicians make the song alive.


This audience is different than the song lyrics audiences.  His/her voices is a treasure to bring the song lyrics to life.

Listeners Audiences

The listeners audiences interpret songs and music based on his/her own view, and that they find the beauty in the song.


I want to build group of audiences base on their talents/g

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