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Heat of love

The train is moving fast.

The heat of love increases.

Try to be happy in your love.

If that love is too much for you, do not surrender

your heart to the days' behaviors.

Because the train is moving fast.

Love exists in the world, from eons past.

Stars twinkle at night, and darkness likes light.  

birds love each other,   

There is a beautiful song in the garden,

 Our nightly encounters were nice.

gentle and peaceful whispers.

That train is still moving fast.

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Business Plan

There are about 83 working cat cafes in the United States. Their goal is to entertain the visitors by allowing them to play with cats and enjoy food and beverage. It is a well-known fact that one of the best ways to relax after the exhausting day is to have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine while reading a book with a cat sleeping on your knees. The primary goal of “Gone with the Cats” is to give the visitors a place to read their favorite classic and contemporary books in a company of cats. Mi

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Building on my last blog post, which was 7 years ago, what book, especially fiction,  from your native country or territory would you recommend to me?  

Most of you will be English learners so you will be recommneding to me books written by non-native English authors.  

I have the list of books compiled in the Reading the World blog but those are books she selected.  This way I can get books you suggest giving my reading list a different feel from hers.

And I am interested in modern authors more th

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Fighting the Laziness

09.00: After busy morning, the laziness started coming in.

Tidying up all things and checking some social media notifications have done. What else? I have online work, but okay, I'm just freelancer, this made me feel more relaxed and do procrastination. Stttt, don't tell my boss! DD.

The news of covid-19 in my country is absolutely horrible. Day by day, people die and die, die more, the closer ones .... :(( This is like a bomb which we don't know where it will fall. :|. Old, young, or child ones,

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I`m returning!


I have not been active here for several months. This is mainly due to the fact that I moved to another city and settled down here. I constantly have new plans reborn, how to help others and myself in learning English, and I constantly do not have enough time to start realizing them with high quality.
This evening  I was doing a task that sounds like this: Write a short but exciting story, beginning with the phrase "Jack was asleep in the chair, dreaming, when the phone rang ". I bring my ess

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A cozy place at home...


Home is a place where we almost feel safe, delighted, relaxed and comfortable. And every home has a cozy place which is extremely special to us, provides the warmth of protection, a pleasant feeling always whenever we sit there. If I talk about my private place at home then it's the open space outside my room where I can stay for hours without seeking any company. The grace of the sky is noticeable apparently from there and it seems that the sky has opened its arm like a mother whenever u need

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hi hello

Hello back, after an absence, I got sick a little, and I promised you with all my strength :×)
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2021-09 : A new beginning...


oh well... I just finished my previous notebook.  Should I do the flip-through, but then again I am better not.  My handwriting is ugly..  (>_<)

This June,  I open a new one. 

I got an extra notebook for the previous year.  No need to buy a new one. 


Fizzy @ on Lockdown (WFH)



music mode :  Jason Donovan - If I Dont Have You




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Hey everyone. I've been learning English for more than 15 years and I still want to improve and sound as natural as possible. The goal when we are learning English is to be fluent, accurate, and communicatively effective. And important part of delivery a good speech is to have a good pronunciation. I can tell that having a clear pronunciation is one of the most challenging parts of learning English. Besides, English pronunciation compare with other languages is a bit more complicated, having int

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One of the goals when we are learning English is to put it into practice. Sometimes, it is difficult to achieve this goal due to the fact that we do not have someone to practice or because you feel stuck in the process. Here, I am going to comment on my personal experience in order to make English part of my life. Remember, the more you practice, the more you are going to improve.

The first piece of advice I would like to give you is to set all your devices into English. Your cellphone, your comp

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 Of all camouflaged animals, this might be probably one of the most invisible I’ve ever seen :/



P.S. This could be a Rorschach test to check what kind of crazy stuff you can spot among the dry leaves. But no... I swear there's a f*kin snake! :/

P.S. II. There will be a prize for the first member who finds it.*



*not really.


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Lost But Hopefull

I miss EC so much and had lost all my connections here since 2016-2017. Please do visit some of my poems at @Lady Harmony. One day I was lost , I woke up like this, feeling sleeping for so long. Am I snow white? Then where are my dwarfs. Just kidding! I cannot get in back to Lady Harmony and end up here as Shizuka. So feeling bad and incomplete. I hope I can get back to the time that pass that I had wasted. The time that I hope everything will get back to normal but I am positive that I might no

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•°• As It Is •°•

" take life as it is , not as it ought to be " I think that we can apply this saying in another direction . By using it to say that we should take people as they are with all of their flaws and mistakes . So , assuming perfection in people's behaviors is a sort of madness . Only those who look with a realistic eyes are the ones who will find comfort and relaxation .                                          

   Lowering our expectations is our way to safety in this case . Al Masseri an arab Eygpta

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The Old Man And Me


I owe much of the author Ernest Hemingway for his novel The Old Man And The Sea. I personally feel, I am just like the old man Santiago of his novel in many aspects .

Since in my early years, I have dreamt to be an English teacher. I strove to make my dream come a true. I merely considered that studying was releasing outlet when I feel tired.
I stood just a few steps away from the forty seven
I became an old man and my vivid dream also became an old one. It was growin

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Breathing is an essential process to keep all the living creatures alive but the air we all are comsume, Is it clean to breath? In recent studies, the researchers speculated that the level of air pollutants in Indian cities including the national capital New Delhi are on the rise. Which also has been observed by the researchers through observational instruments on satellites which scan the golbal skies that to emphasize and monitor the air quality of the globe.

The cities like Delhi is the fast

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