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Picture thoughts


When I saw that picture of the pawn and its reflection, I immediately decided that I would use it as an avatar here for a while, and possibly in some of my other accounts that I use as semi-official ones.
I also decided to write some kind of article (I'm doing it right now) that would relate to the picture in some way. However, the main reason for this article was still to write something, as it so happens that I haven't been active here for a few months.
I had a few ideas of what I could write ab

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  A  flash flood swept across the coastal plain about 100 miles southwest of here , killing scores of villagers in a marketplace yesterday morning.

Reports from the area said 75 bodies had been counted, and dozens, and dozens of people were missing.

The food followed heavy rains which filled the coastal plain's dry creek beds to overflowing . The flood crest, several feet high, hit the village of Khemis Nagua at mid-morning yesterday as farmers from the surrounding area joined townsfolk in an open

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       Hello everyone, how many languages do you speak? I only can speak Chinese and English. I wanna learn one more, that's German. Because I'm in charge of Volkswagen projects. 
       Nowadays more and more people want to learn Chinese. What's your opinion of learning Chinese? Why do you wanna learn it? Please share your opinions if you are interested.

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Resolutions for the New Year

It's that time of year again.  The old year is departing and a new one is approaching.  It's that time of year when we reflect back on what was and what could have been, but also look forward to what can be.  A time when some people make resolutions.

A resolution is something YOU can do that doesn’t rely on another person.  In other words, you can reach the goal without depending on anyone but yourself.  Find true love, for example, is NOT a resolution - that is a wish, a hope or a desire.  It re

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But, if you are self-learning at home




My dear diary,

My teacher said that if I want to improve my fluency in speaking,

I should use new vocabulary, which was learned recently, by writing or speaking.

Whatever it would be. But, if you are self-learning at home and not having tutors or friends.

How to do speaking practice? I asked. She told me that I could talk to myself and read aloud or

do writing practice. At least it would be a diary. That's the reason I am writing to you.

By the way, If EC members have any different opinions,


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2021-12 : My last blog..


How are you?  It's has been a while since my last blog.  I hope you are safe and well

This is probably my last blog for 2021.   Lots of happening for this year and still happening.  

I hope next year would be a happy year. 


Hear ye... hear ye...

Let me introduce you to my new planner for 2022...  teehehehe

I will be using Hobonichi's cousin for my personal diary and Jibun Techo Days for my office work-related. 

I tried to update the blog here frequently but I don't know what to update.  I have such

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Deep Grief


I was in love with someone. I went away for a while, when I came back she had been engaged to another man. I went through deep sorrow. Of course, the wheel of life must go and you must get used to that. I do not know how to express myself properly but those lines might reflect something of it. Thanks in advance for your point of view:



Someone help me!

Life is hard,

Your words are harder.

I pretend not to feel,

Under the daily tears,

The anguish is clear.

After you,

I remain in grief.

You are the oppre

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My fairy tale (The most worthy treasure)

Once upon a time, there was a king in a small country who had three sons. Because he couldn't decide which one he should resign his throne to, he said to his sons, "I will resign my throne to a son who brings me the most worthy treasure." So the three sons went off in quest of it. 

The eldest son went toward the west. After he walked for a month, he found a thick vine growing toward the sky. He climbed it until he arrived at a cloud and got down to the cloud. He wandered about until he found a bi

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What are we going to do?  Sometimes it seems to me that the amount of food and water is not enough for us. When a group of people has absolute power without effective constitutional limitations. Wars are everywhere. Conflicts are all over the world. take a look at the map of the world, you will find many hot or red spots.

The princes of war are giving us no chance at all. They do not want to step down and give us a break as if they breathe the smoke that is coming from the barrels of their guns

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English is extremely important wherever you are in the world. It is crucial to have proficiency in all four language skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening

Try to imagine in your workplace:  

  • You will have to read the terms stated on the document so that you deal with your client or colleague. 
  • You have a dream job that requires outstanding English writing skills: Content Writer, Social Media Specialist, Human Resources Specialist. Even as a YouTuber, you will need to write a lot of in
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The price of Democracy


What is democracy? It is a control of an organization or a group by the majority of its members. Indeed it is a system of government by the whole people or the eligible ones of the country. It usually happens in elections. Typically, through elected representatives.

Our people are out in the streets for more than four weeks in a peaceful demonstration demanding democracy.  They did not want military rule. They wanted a civilian one. Our people ousted the previous dictator from power and a transi

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Longest Lunar Eclipse in over 600 years

A once in a lifetime event - a 97% Lunar Eclipse that took almost 4 hours from begiining to end.  Scientist say it last happened over 600 years ago and won't happen again for another 600 years so unless you eat a lot of longevity noodles, you had 1 chance to see it.  

"On the morning of Friday, November 19, the full Beaver Moon will take place in a 97%-total lunar eclipse, according to NASA, meaning that nearly all of the moon’s surface will be shrouded in the Earth’s shadow. November 2021’s ecli

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Can You Finish These Sayings?

It has become common in movie titles and in everyday speech to shorten idioms and proverbs. As a subtitler, I have come across many instances of such puns. They might be easy-breezy for a native speaker to understand, but they can also be an obstacle for foreigners to actually get the meaning. Here are some examples:
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Experience of life

Everyone has different kinds of experiences in their life. If it is a bad experience, you learn a good lesson from the incident, or if it is a good experience, you gain knowledge to add to your life.

All kinds of experience always make you stronger in one or the other way. Experience may teach you how mature you are and how you handle life to lead a successful path.

You want to know your capability, then face failure and fall down more than once. Then you come to know how strong and powerful you

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