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Be aware, there are sometimes people who try cheating on us.
Just look at this chat, it's about a chat I had this evening. I just continued that chat to show you all how they try it. In the end, I reported that member and blocked her.


Conversation with abiola bawuah saved on Feb 17th 2020 at 10:20pm
17th February, 2020:

abiola bawuah: hi (9:37 PM)
Me: hello (9:37 PM)
abiola bawuah: how are you doing today (9:37 PM)
Me: Thanks for

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Online Guide

An online essay is used to establish a writer’s credentials on the internet. It has become quite obvious that the online world has adapted very well to academics. Students can now attend virtual classrooms and learn about topics probably not available at a local school or college. The aim of using online resources is also to hasten up the process of writing and research. With so many advantages going in favor of online study, one would assume students would love to resort to the online study atm

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"A picture is worth a thousand words" or someone says a different way " A look is worth a thousand worth". it is very difficult for allocating time to write something on this platform. so some picture is really good alternatives for saving time. By the way today I will present some pictures of my beautiful birthplace. Finally, I will say about climate change and its impact on Bangladesh. My Love place, where I grew up with lots of sweet memory, for example jumping from bumboo bridge to river,

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The unnecessary Guilts of life

Image result for flying birds in chorus images

Recently I experience that the people around me are deeply involve in unnecessary guilts of life.even if they do right thing for themselves still they are thinking that they did something wrong.Remember that doing things that are useful for your growth ,your self esteem , and increasing your self worth are the most important thing for an individual.i know today people around us are so much involve in their own insecurities, their dissatisfaction of life that they try their best to blame others f

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The Beauty of Struggle

I believe that everyone in their lives are struggling in unexpected ways but people who are suffering assuming that they are only the person who are suffering and they start projecting their anger, frustration and their low self worth concepts on others without thinking that how it much hurts to someone else as we are living this era of technology where everyone was running for the success & fame in life,they are so much involve in competition with others that they forget the main purpose of com

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The source of the new coronavirus

Various raw meats are sold in Chinese food markets. When we deal with raw meat, we must be thorough with food safety management because pathogens in raw meat propagate easily in dirty places. Food safety management in the food market in Wuhan seems not to be thorough. It is said that the source of the new coronavirus is bats.

However, there is the other terrible fact that the food market in Wuhan where the new coronavirus was first found is only 30 km away from the institute for virus research. O

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Hello everyone, I want to share my story about my experience in the first time traveling abroad.

On 25th July 2019,

That was the first time, I traveled abroad by myself. I was so excited about this first trip. The first day I came, I spent a day to visit some pagodas, the Royal Palace, and temples.

My story began, when I went from the subway to find a way of catching the bus to the Royal Palace. Suddenly, A tuk-tuk driver saw me, I thought he realized from my appearance that was a tourist. 


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My first Post


Early, I will graduate from an English school together with a study abroad institution. 

I entered this school 1 year ago.

Now, I am learning English to study abroad while preparing to study abroad such as appreciation, making a credit card, and issuing a Visa. 

Everyday all things are very hard, but sometimes happening happy things. Everyday my teachers give me a lot of homework, I should take it hard.

Now this routine continues, I don't still used to doing homework.

But, this everyday and rout

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Paper writing

The essay writers deserve to be honored for their writing work. The writers offer essay writing services to clients who get challenges with the writing work. The essay writers form companies that offer the essay writing serviceably forming the essay writing service companies, more job opportunities are realized. Nowadays the writing services are widely needed by the increasing number of students. The students seek the writing services from the essay writers in order to complete their essays on t

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My struggle against consuption.

Actually I wanted to give a more exagerating and colorful title, but I decided not, because it would have too horrible. Anyways, first I like to share a picture of a tool that I made. I mean the one at top on picture. Made of a plank of wood, bicycle rear axle and 3 Screws with tapered heads for torx screwdriver.. Not the vernier caliper.
3855166710?profile=RESIZE_710xCan you quess what I use this tool for? It's bicycle rear deraileur hanger adjusting tool. What makes it special, is that all it's parts are reusable. So assumi

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Hello everybody!

My name is Arrow. I was born and raised in Ho Chi Minh city, which is the coolest city in Vietnam. - Where are you from?

I am a student at the university of science and I work as a part-time teacher after studying. I have experience in STEM teaching and English teaching for kids. - What do you do for a living?

In my free time, I'm a big fan of playing soccer, doing gym and traveling - What are your hobbies? Are your hobbies similar to mine? Let me know!

All are some sentences about

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~ 2020-03 : I Heart You ~


I Heart You...

I don't remember when was last time I said those words;  probably Never.

Due to different upbringings,  I never said those words even among my family members.   I guess, we did show it more toward our caring attitude.   We didn't say those 3 magic words, it always makes me shy. 

so I did an experiment via WhatsApp. 




When was last time you said, "Ï Love You" to someone?  This month?  this week? 


Fizzy @ Home


Music Mode :  Its Only Words - Boyzone

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The Chinese doctor who first discovered the new Coronavirus died from the new Coronavirus transferred from his patient. He first discovered it last December in a patient who came from the food market in Wuhan. He told other doctors about it, but he was arrested by the Chinese authorities on a charge of spreading false information. He said that he could not deal with the new Coronavirus well because the Chinese Government forbade him to say anything about it.

At the moment, in China, the number o

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Hi Everyone, this is my very first time to write a blog but I should begin it :) and I am also a new English learner, then so sorry if you find out some mistake in my writing.

Okay back to the topic, volunteering


Borneo island is one of the largest islands in Asia, This island has 3 country it was Kalimantan which is a part of Indonesia, Malaysia, and also Brunei Darussalam. Volunteering in Borneo not a new topic but the organization that I was followed is new I mean the fo

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Pros And Cons Of Shopping At Target

Target is a magical shopping spot where you always end up getting lost in the venture. It's like a quest where you gaze at the broad collection of items for hours and still wonder how to spend your money so it won't get you in debt. Target has many saving options like Target Coupons, Gift cards, registries, etc. to overwhelm you so you could spend your money endlessly. But wait, don't get excited as everything has a dark side apart from the brighter one.
Shopping at Target isn't all sweets and r

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~ 2020-02 : 1 2 3 ... ~

1 2 3 ...

I still can count... haha but I should start blogging.. 

1 2 3 ...

nope.. still not happening...

power mode on..




Fizzy @ in da dark


music mode :  Stay on These Roads - A-HA

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People always try to find a better place to live. In ancient times, our ancestors travelled all over the world searching for fertile ground, clean water, comfortable climate – the ideal area to settle down. Later, when anthropologists investigated this phenomenon, it was called “migration”. Nowadays, the essence of migration has not changed – people still are searching an ideal place to live, the point is that the reasons have changed a lot. Wars, social disparity, discrimination, poverty – thes

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A supposedly fun thing i'll never do again


Well, I'm in the emergency room... It's not a good way to start 2020, but I suppose everyone is entitled to do something stupid.

So, I went to ride a horse, something I haven't done in many years.
Turned out to be a big mistake! I got on the horse and started slowly. Felt pretty confident so we went a little faster. Before I knew it, the horse decided to run as fast as he could run. I had forgotten that horses could go so fast! I was freaking out, lost my balance, and when I fell I had my foot

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Create Your Best Essay: 3 Important Steps

We’ve all been there— you’ve been procrastinating on an essay that’s due tomorrow and now you’re staring at a blank page hoping the words will magically appear. Instead of only wishing for a good grade, here are 3 guidelines that will help you to efficiently craft your next essay and get the “A” that you’re longing for.

Understanding the Assignment

Before you begin, you’ll want to fully comprehend exactly what the reflective essay is prompting you to write about. If the assignment asks about your

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Hello everyone!

It's been a while we don't try to write or participate writing challenge. I got an idea of this topic as I read a news on EnglishClub and combined with Rose's post.

Read the news, it takes no more than 5 minutes to read:

Read the Discussion/essay questions. There are two questions.

And this is Rose's blog:

Observe the use of 'try to do' and

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