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The great famous man stepped from his luxury car. The crowd was giving him a high and sincere welcome. Instead of being polite and waving respectable smiles of thanks or gratitude, he was wearing his dark glasses and in a hurry to get to the office. With a frowning surly face.

At the office, his boss was angry with him and he told him that he no longer needed his services. The star was surprised. He knew that the public outside loves him and his performance. He could not find an answer to the b

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Super Excited

One of my favorite comedian is Ismo, if I may say so. He is from Finland and moves to America and deal with language barrier, so I just feel that he is on the same page with me. I watch his video frequently and pick this one for you. This is a moment when he speaks about "Excitement" in a context the world of work in America. Enjoy and have a fantabulous weekend! 

I've been living in America for almost 3 years. And recently, I try to learn how to be more excited. Because people are way too excite
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The HashiCorp Infrastructure Automation TA-002-P test is a significant confirmation test, and that is the reason the web is stacked with the arrangement hotspots for the HashiCorp TA-002-P test. To finish the TA-002-P test with great outcomes, you must be truly skilled and utilize the legitimate wellspring of data.

Just utilize the TA-002-P test dumps learning source that ensures your accomplishment in the HashiCorp TA-002-P test. Trydumps ensures your accomplishment in the HashiCorp Certified: T

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The Moments After "My first post"



To be honest, I should write my native language "the answer post (this)", but the past post (my first post) was writng as English, so I go on writing as English.


Yes, I did not write about after the monent of "my first post". Surprisingly, a lot of time passed since I posted it on Most people(?) are always waiting the answer post, so I will write and currently my status too. 


At first, after the final test, I always thought about my relationship. Actually, it was my first ex

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Photo Editing Software

Photo Lab Picture Editor

Photo Lab is one of the most popular photo editors with over 100 million downloads with a rating of 4.4 on Google Play Store. It takes 54MB of your smartphone’s space. You can combine up to 900 effects on this app. There are smart filters available such as depth effect, glitch art, smart touch-up among others. You can turn a photo into an artwork as well with this Indian photo editing app. Also, it allows you to swap faces and turn yours or anyone else’s photo into a pira

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2021-04 : The Tallest Tropical Tree

Do you know, The Tallest Tropical Tree is here in Sabah, Malaysia. 

"|n the last few years exceptionally tall yellow meranti trees (Shorea faguetiana) have been discovered growing in Sabah.  The record height of an individual jumped from 288 feet (88 meters) to 308.7 feet (94.1 meters) in 2016.

This discovery is the first 100-meter tropical tree (and the world's tallest known flowering plant) recorded anywhere in the world. If it were laid along the ground the tree would be longer than a soccer fi

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2021-03 : Planner addict


My name is Fizzy and I am a Planner Addict.  (^_^)v

Whoever knew me probably knows that I a massive planner addict.  I even have a Poll here because of it..  hehe... Credit to Mary...   (calling mary... mary...... where are you at? ) 

I don't know what topic should I share here at myEC.   I don't like to write a long blog because I easily distracted.   I am like a kid.. like wording with a picture on it.. hehe 

This year for 2021 -  I probably share with you lots of my planner addict activities. 

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Bless in Curse

Bless in curse


Sunset beams were trying to glow Jennifer's yellow face. She saw the sunset at the back of the mountain with her tearful eyes from her room window. At a glance, she thought her life would be over soon. A deep and long sigh came out of her mouth, then she turned back and looked at her sleeping kids. They all stuck in their house for more than a month.    She went outside for groceries once a week, not more allowed, and with safety measurements. Corona is wandering everywhere like a

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12 Angry Men, 1957

A courtroom drama movie, the best I’ve ever watched. It was about debate and argument of 12 jurors to take a verdict over 18th years old boy defendant. He was accused of the killing of his father and death sentence was mandatory in this case. The strength of the movie was on smart dialogues, sharp diagnosis, meticulous attention to detail, awesome acting. The movie itself vividly showing us that great explanation deflects perspective. Cleverly distinguish an objective thought from the subjective

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Starting from custom assignment writing to dissertations to exam preparation and thesis writing, is there for supporting students with superior quality work that are written by MA/MSc and PhD graduates. Their affordable rates and exceptional quality levels make them the first option for anyone who is looking for superior quality learning resources. One just has to spend a couple of minutes exploring their site and they would agree with the same.

Their rigid recruitment policies mak

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2021-02 : *wave (^_^)/

HeLLoOOoOOo to EC's friend

How are you?  It's has been a while.  Hope you all are well. 

What's going on lately? 

I saw many new members on EC.  Are friends that I used to know here still around?   

I am still here but few weeks lost in real life.   Life is okay but on alert mode as always. 

I managed to go out due to work from office kinda day.

It's sure a breather.. 


fly high.. sky high... 



have a great day 


take care and stay safe..


Fizzy @ home


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Everyone is familiar with the course of medical studies as it is considered among the most arduous forms of degree programs where a student has to become a bookworm but still facing problems in some of the subjects. For this purpose, the nursing essay writing service decided to train undergraduates with all the desired competencies needed to accomplish and achieve successful results. Those individuals who have tried taking guidance from the experienced people for the recurring difficulty are ver

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Microsoft programs have been essential instruments for business visionaries since the start of Microsoft Works in 1986. Microsoft Office was conveyed in 1989, quickly astounding WordPerfect and Lotus. That productivity suite, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint, is right now ubiquitous. Additionally, Microsoft keeps improving and stretching out its business abilities to add security features, PDA the board, contacts the heads and significantly more strong ascribes. The amount of options for ass

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Importance of Strategic Management

Chiefs think that its hard to settle on strategic decisions and build up this management ability. Their everyday work includes managing management gives that ordinarily concern routine organization exercises requiring brisk decisions. This can be classed as operational management, the regular running of the business.

Overseeing strategic decisions is extraordinary. This action identifies with the eventual fate of the organization and the setting of medium-and lon

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Figure Out Your Learning Style

Everybody has an alternate method of learning things. In case you’re stuck utilizing an old strategy that others have pushed on you, and you thought that it was, simply not turning out to be, at that point perhaps it’s an ideal opportunity to proceed onward to something new. For example, on the off chance that you’re a visual student, at that point put that reading material down for a second and investigate new alternatives. There are sites and certain product progr

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Sevme (Don't love)

Tutma benim gibi unon elini

(don't touch his hand like you touched mine)

Onu benim gibi sevme... ulan sevme...

(don't love him like you loved me... don't)

Ben kimseyi sevmedim senin gibi

(I never loved anyone like I loved you)

Sende benim gibi sevme... sevme.... 

(you too, don't love anyone like you loved me.... don't)


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independent learners

If u want to join, u may share u bio (level, goal, style, app/connection, schedule/timezone), or post any other q here.

Members (for now) who want to share bio and find more pals for train together:
Name: Lina
Level: intermediate
Time: according to the schedule
Goal: improve speaking skill (open to correction)
Apps: Skype, zoom meet
Skype: live:.cid.f2167910e1d000e4
Name: Kenneth
Level: intermediate
Time: 12:00Mid-2:00AM PST, 8:00AM-10:00AM, 7:00PM-9:00PM
Goal: to improve my communication skils

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Software applications are big help to many firms, who are dealing with huge amounts of data. In this digital world, everything from an online purchase to an employee-customer interaction has to be recorded to gain some insight into the tastes and preferences of a particular customer. This data gives them an edge over their competitors in the market.

Using CRM software to deal with the customer data

You can make use of specially designed software tools to understand all the data collected and use i

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Have an important meeting but do not know how to ace it in the first go? Have high-flying dreams but do not know the key to success? An interesting PowerPoint presentation! Yes, right, whether it is the promotion of your new product or the establishment of a fresh business, a jaw-dropping presentation could aid you in persuading your audience willingly towards accepting your perspective. However, how could anyone revamp their presentations and what is actually meant by “interesting”? Here is a g

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