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There were three blind men walking, along the way one of them kicked a whistle and then he picked it up. He said "my friends I have picked a whistle".

He whistled once his one eye opened he also whistled the other eye opened and then he shouted " Oh m

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Let's imagine the following situation:

You bought an old house.

During the renovation of this old house, you find a very old wooden box in the attic. The box is locked, but you cannot find the key to this box.

You shake the box and like a miracle, the

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what are you reading now?

After many days, I have started book reading again, and it feels so good. I love novels and tavelogues. Today I am reading 'The last song' by Nicolas Sparks. In Europe, books are costly than Asia, in our part books are rather cheap. I know, quality o

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MyEc Cafe

8855b28a69f90261f5ef0a1eafda3003.jpgDear members, welcome to MyEc Cafe! 

Take a sit, feel comfortable and order a coffee :)

This is place where you can stay as long as you want.. it is open 0-24 h. 

It would be great if you share your thoughts, ideas, current emotions,  song that you are

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