• I'll get tidied up with my best perfume and suit, who knows...


    • Hola senior Estanis, one day to go, and we are on the fourteenth of February. Get ready! By the way, "Get Ready" is a famous song I used to like very much. The Rare Earth did good during the seventies. I wonder if the team used to celebrate Valentie's Day!

    • Haha, muchas muchas gracias senior Estanis. Aren't you afraid of your wife? Haha.

    • But she has me for the rest of the year... no need to be selfish. 

  • Hi, salah, What's Walentine's Day ? I'm Adriano hahaha

    • Ciao Adriano, today is Valentine's Day.

    • Grazie Adriano Martelli, thanks for pressing the like button.

    • Ciao e bongorno Adriano, Valentine's Day is supposed to be dedicated to love and romance. People express their deep feelings of love for their precious ones. Usually, it is celebrated on the fourteenth of February. Look at what Mr. Estanis said, haha.

  • ni hoa Joli Keva, I hope to be one of your friends. Thank you.

  • Maybe I will play a game with my girlfriend. I have found some interesting games like watermelon game. It's very fun and you can play together. 

    Watermelon Game - Play Suika Game on PC [English Ver.]
    Watermelon Game, also known as Suika Game, is a fruit merge game loved worldwide. Drop the fruits into the box to get the biggest watermelon.
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