Why was I banned?

We may terminate your membership and ban you at any time for inappropriate behaviour. If you find that we have banned you, it was probably for one or more of the following reasons:

  • No profile photo or otherwise incomplete/inappropriate profile
  • Sexually suggestive or otherwise inappropriate photo or picture in your profile
  • Claiming to be one gender (eg male) and adding photo of the other gender (eg female)
  • Spamming (for example posting comments to a large quantity of other members apparently randomly)
  • Inappropriate photos or videos (for example pornographic, racial, abusive etc)
  • Extensive copying of text from the web or other sources, especially without citing the source (plagiarism)
  • Copying of images from the internet or other sources
  • Inappropriate wording in comments, blogs, chat etc (sexual, racial, abusive etc)
  • Impersonation, identity theft, or having multiple IDs. (Only one profile per person is allowed.)
  • Sending bulk messages/comments offering or requesting email addresses
  • Having one or more broken links anywhere on your page, blogs etc. If you add links, please monitor them to ensure that they do not break.
  • Writing in a language that is not English (a small amount of foreign language is acceptable in the right circumstances, for example explaining something or translating)
  • Writing offensive, aggressive or disrespectful posts or messages to or about another member or a team member, including making public complaints about moderators
  • Legitimate complaints from other members
  • Commercial solicitation unrelated to learning or teaching English. See this page for more on this topic
  • Malware
  • Commercial profile name (eg company name or website name)
  • You did not observe the rule to not publicly discuss sex, politics or religion.
  • We will not ban you without good reason, but once we have banned you we will not respond to your messages.

NB: Please note that we reserve the right to delete members who have been inactive for a year or more.