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Homonyms are words that have the same spelling and pronunciation, but different meanings.

Therefore is the rest of a sentence important that makes us understand the whole sentence.

Some examples:
I hold the baby on my arm.
It’s important to arm yo

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17 Replies · Reply by Rose Iris Dec 27, 2020

Which one is correct? 1. The plane will take off in 5 minutes. 2. The plane will be taking off in 5 minutes. 3. The plane is going to take off in 5 minutes. 4. The plane is taking off in 5 minutes.

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3 Replies · Reply by Henri Oct 28, 2020

Which one is correct and why?

Hello Experts!

I want  to know which sentence, from given below list, is more grammatically correct and why? Please provide your comments along with explanations? Thanks in advance.

Sentence#1 There is a big, dark and scary jungle behind the hill.


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6 Replies · Reply by SaLeM Oct 10, 2020
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