If Brad and I share one car,  which is correct?

     Brad and my car is in the garage.  OR  

     Brad’s and my car is in the garage.

I know "Brad and Sally's car is in the garage" is correct -- when they share one car. But not sure when the second part of the compound possessive is a pronoun.


If Brad and I each have a different car — two cars, is the following correct?

     "Brad’s and my cars are in the garage."  - 

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  • Hi, Carolyn. I had the same confusion. 

    Finally, I got it. 

    Correct is: Brad's an MY car is in the garage.

    Have a look! 


    Also this one:


    It's helpful. 

    Compound Possessive Pronoun & Noun
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    • Excuse my typo, please. I wrote an instead of and. 

  • Okay, as far as i know...

    Brad's and my car is in the garage is correct and

    Brad's and my car are  in the garage is wrong, it is because in this sentence you do not have something together.


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