• Join the conversation. Participate in the discussions and ask questions. The more you interact with cookie clickerΒ others, the more you'll improve your English fluency.

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  • Hello again. As a follow-up to my earlier comment, here are some things you can do to improve your English skills. I hope it helps.


    1. Use online resources such as the British Council's Learn English Online and Cambridge English's Learning English website to practise reading, listening, grammar, vocabulary, and other language skills.
    2. Take advantage of free English language learning activities and online games, such as those offered by Cambridge English and Activities for ESL/EFL Students.
    3. Engage with English speakers to practise speaking and listening skills. That can include finding language exchange partners or joining language learning communities like this one.
    4. Build vocabulary and grammar skills through reading books, news articles, and other written materials in English.
    5. Watch TV shows, movies, and online videos in English to improve listening and comprehension skills.
    6. Practise speaking and writing skills through regular conversation practice, writing exercises, and test-taking practice.
    7. Stay motivated and enjoy the learning experience by finding creative ways to incorporate English language learning into your daily life.
  • Hello Berry, I'm Peter. I'm new, too. As a passionate English instructor, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping others improve their skills. I'm looking forward to connecting with fellow English learners and educators.

  • If you have no idea to share you can comment on others' postings. This will help you to apply your productive vocabulary.

  • Welcome, Berry. we are on the same page.Β 


  • Hello Berry,

    Are you still there? Try to blog and comment here. Welcome to MyEC!

  • welcome, we can chat togetherΒ 

    • Hi, Vivi. How have you found your experience on the site? I'm Peter, a seasoned English educator. Joining this community will allow me to connect with like-minded language enthusiasts and provide mentorship to those who need it.


  • We are the same here are new, so let us start learning togther, that can help us to invest our time and it will be very helpfull.Β 


  • Hello, Berry.....welcome in MYEC


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