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Hello to all

Hello ;
First of all I am sorry because I was not here for a long time for some personal problem that I had.
However,I have a question for you guys and I will be happy if you know the answer.

I saw this sentence in a book ; " Have you ever been to China

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Hi, everyone! I want to ask about a word "necessary".
Do you use "necessary" as a verb?
I heard one American professor saying like following;
    "We don't necessary ---"
I can't find other words pronounced like "necessary" in my dictionary.
Can anyb

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Order of Sentence

"Lazy a boy as he is, he is knowledgeable."

Would someone help me to analyse this sentence's structure ?

I think that 'lazy a boy' should be 'a lazy boy'.Or the whole sentence should be "lazy boy as he is, he is knowledgeable."

I hope you can give me a

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Now is the time

Dear All,

You know I have been learning English since 2014. I learnt German as my foreign language after Russian in the school.

I wanted to learn and improve my English skills by myself, since I am a researcher (chemistry) expected alot of results from

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