Homonyms are words that have the same spelling and pronunciation, but different meanings.

Therefore is the rest of a sentence important that makes us understand the whole sentence.

Some examples:
I hold the baby on my arm.
It’s important to arm yourself with a solid education. (In the meaning of to equip yourself.)

I don't want to date him.
She wanted to eat a date.
He asked her out for a date. ( He asked her if she would like to go out with him)
What is your date of birth? 

I hope I don’t drop my books on the floor.
I enjoyed every drop of my coffee.

The rose in her hand was beautiful.
We rose from our seats when the old couple did not find free seats.

You were right and I was wrong.
Turn right at the next traffic light!
Access to clean water is a basic human right.

She left her book on the train last night.
My left foot hurts.

I need to ship this package.
I am very excited about travelling on a ship.

The sink in the bathroom is clogged.
I felt my heart sink when I saw her leaving.
He saw the boat sink below the water surface.

I will wave when I see you.
Will there be another wave of illness in the spring?
I dream of surfing the perfect wave.

The dog doesn’t bark because it knows me.
The bark of a tree can be weathered and rough.

I love cool, crisp fall weather. (fall=autumn)
Please, pay attention to the stairs, don’t fall down.

The children love to play in the leaves, in fall.
When she leaves the house, she always locks the door twice.

The game ended in a tie. (no one won)
I need to tie my hair back.
I don't like wearing a tie.

You should watch the road, there is much traffic.
I need a new battery for my watch.

My little sister got engaged last month. (having formally agreed to marry.)
The actors were very engaged in their performance.

I don’t know where to park because the parking is full.
I went for a walk in the park, today in the morning.

He is taking a class to train for a new job.
She took a cross-country trip on a train.

He can type over 100 words per minute.
That guy is really not her type.


Would you like to add some other example, too?



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    • Haha, A738a. Love it!! You have a huge portion of humor. 

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  • Hello Rose,

    Great post! Those always sound alike.

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  • Thank you Rose and rysperski. this is one of the best posts I've seen in EC. I've bookmarked this webpage.

  • Here are some more homonyms that galloped into my mind, not necessarily in alphabetical order:

    Fair - adequate, equitable / pretty / market, specially one held on festine days.

    Address - location / to turn to somebody in words, to speak to.

    Quarry - a place where people excavate for stones / to get/extract something slowly and with considerable effort.

    Rose  - flower / past of rise / Iris, a member of myEC :-)

    Pole - a long piece of metal, wood or other material / Rys is a Pole ;-)

    Band - a group of people playing music together / a circular or round element around something [a rubber band holding hair in pony-tail style.

    Well - a hole in the ground to get water / being in good health.

    Pound - british monetary or weight unit / to assault physically, to batter.

    Lie - to take a horizontal position, recline / not to tell the truth.

    Tire - that balck round rubberry thing the american cars run on [the british cars run on tyres] / to get exhausted, fatigued.

    Spring - the season after winter / a coil of metal / to jump up and down joyfully.

    Express - something done very fast, almost on the spot / to depict one's thoughts in words/verbally.

    Rock - a type of music, not necessarily heavy metal / a stone, a boulder but not a pebble / to move side to side and back to front -> Don't rock the boat!.

    Fair - proper, equitable / pretty.

    Right - not wrong, correct / opposite of left [not the past form of leave] :-)

     Mean - unfriendly, not nice / average / signify

    Kind - nice, friendly, caring / type.

    Tender - gentle, soft / offer of money, bid.

    Ream - a stack/pile  of papers / to get the juice of of oranges, lemons and other citrus fruits.

    Well, that's that for now!

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    • Science fairs... the bane of my existence.

    • Hey Ryyysssssss,

      I didnt know Ream 

      Thanks for adding more homonyms :)

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