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"Make your every day be a great day" ^_^

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Onee-chan tweeted
You know a lot about something then someone tell you a lot about it. They don't even hear your speaking. What do you say?
Sep 3
Onee-chan commented on Ahadian Nazaruddin Latif’s tweet
"Welcome to MyEC!"
Sep 3
Onee-chan commented on Mahmoud ayad’s tweet
"Welcome to MyEC! Enjoy your stay here..."
Aug 30
Onee-chan tweeted
Happiness isn't about to achieve what we want.
We'll face hindrance whatsoever in every stage of life. Just be grateful and you'll be happy
Aug 18
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"Good morning, Rosemary! 💕"
Aug 10
Onee-chan commented on dara gino’s tweet
"...and good face can be shaped by a good heart."
Aug 6
Onee-chan tweeted
Getting fever and flu. 😷
Jul 21
  • Onee-chan Hello sewar,
    Thank you so much. I'm much better now, just not fully recovered yet.
    God bless you, too. :)
    Jul 31
  • Onee-chan Thanks so much, Estanis, Shaheen, Olga, Adriano, and Nanny.
    Stay blessed!
    Jul 22
  • Onee-chan Thanks a lot, Sir.
    Jul 21
  • Onee-chan Thanks, Rosemary.
    Jul 21
Onee-chan tweeted
Some people in my place said that cooking without oil is cooking for patients in the hospitals. 😃
Jul 16
  • Onee-chan Thanks for your advice, sewar. I'll keep that in mind.
    God bless you. :)
    Aug 5

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  •     Thanks for your nice comment. Gobless you my dear.


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  •     My dear, slide your door a little bit and thrill us with one of your nice thoughts, God bless you.

  •         Hi my dearest friend. Thanks for your encouraging words. Anyway, I cannot tell the exact moment in which our friendship began. Actually, there was something hidden in your words within your comments at our friends’ blogs in E.C that attracted my attention. Frankly, till this moment I didn’t know it. However, all what I know that, I am very blessed by your friendship. Last but not least, I wish you enough good thoughts to share it with us in hope it will be our resort when our words are faded. God bless you.   

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  •  I hope every thing is ok. God bless you my dear. 9436769895?profile=RESIZE_400x

  •         9384299094?profile=RESIZE_400xReally I am very happy for knowing that you are in a good health now. God bless you for ever after.

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"Laa Tahzan (Don't be Sad)"

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"Allah's love is perfectly beautiful"

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It is weakness, as anger will generally explode with emotions. 
"The toughest and…"
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