Fighting the Laziness

09.00: After busy morning, the laziness started coming in.

Tidying up all things and checking some social media notifications have done. What else? I have online work, but okay, I'm just freelancer, this made me feel more relaxed and do procrastination. Stttt, don't tell my boss! DD.

The news of covid-19 in my country is absolutely horrible. Day by day, people die and die, die more, the closer ones .... :(( This is like a bomb which we don't know where it will fall. :|. Old, young, or child ones, they don't care about the ages. But, there is one thing that people agree with. People who die due to the covid-19 are mostly or almost all have comorbidities. People who don't care about their body immunity will also easly get this virus. That's why, people now care more about it.

The pillow looks really tempting, the chilly room make it more comfortable.... Hhhhh......I think I should walk out and sunbathe. C'mon, wake up! wake up! (I said to myself) DD. Heavily wearing clothes and hijabs. Let's go!


I walk through the alley. The path is quite quiet and the sunlight is burning my body. I see people are sunbathing as well. They are sitting at the terrace or any seat, they're walking like me or jogging around, or they are just streching their body in front of their house. I also see children running outside. The good thing is they all are wearing a mask.


How to get free or how to be invulnerable by this virus? 

A few points have been noted by people on how to have strong immunity. It is from having enough meals, fruits and vegetables, vitamin capsules or herbal treatments. Sunbathing, I see more people like sunbathing in the morning now. Awareness of wearing a mask when meeting people, which people didn't care much before, have risen. This city is also quiet at night, people probably take good rest earlier.

Semi-lockdown again. I see people have changed much. Some people are to be afraid, some people care more about their health. Some people buy oximeter and or oxigen gas tube because hospitals almost reject covid-19 patients, especially for them who have no symptoms. This atmosphere is really something.


Sweating enough, after about 15 minutes of walking, I get home and write this. ^^

I'll be glad to read your point of view (while working my delayed work, D). Stay safe, healthy, and happy! :)

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  • Beautiful photos and writing!   Thank you!

    Your fighting of laziness isn't worthless for me. It helped to think about my reality.

    • Hello Augustina,

      I'm glad to know it's useful. We are encouraging each other. Stay safe and healhty!

      Thanks a lot for your comment. :)

  •      Thanks for sharing with us such an article which is filled with deep thoughts, sincere emotions, great power to get rid of daily routine which, sometimes, rotten our life. God bless you and your family as well.

    • Hello Sewar,

      Thanks for your positive and beautiful comment.

      God bless you and your family as well. :)

  • I like your positive energy and the way you fight laziness by  walking in the sunlight and watching how people and children have changed after the lockdown. Nice blog Onee-Chan . Stay safe and healthy!

    • Hi, Hala,

      Thanks for your encouragement. That's precious.

      You, too. Stay safe and healthy! :)

  • Mod. Onee Chan, saya tidak suka kemalasan. We should always be active and take care of everything at once. (Do not delay today's work for tomorrow). Thanks for sharing.

    • Teacher Dara,

      Thanks for your precious advice. :)))) I'll try my best.

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