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Using the verb "Stop"

Stop + -ing form or stop to-infinitive. How we have to use that verb?

Using the verb "stop" in the form stop + -ing (gerund) or stop to-infinitive, both of the verbs "stop" takes on a different meaning. 



Using "stop" + -ing form (gerund), means that action ends and will not continue. There is no causal relationship between the two verbs

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Hello, I hear from a lot of people that our life is very tiring and boring, but our ancestors had a life that was the hardiest we can image: in fact, when they were alive, there weren't all the services that we find today: health, for example, was much more hard to care and all the babies were born at home with the help of a midwife that for the first period after the birth helped their mother to take care of each one of them. There weren't fast cars as today, but only chariots and all the anima

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Advertisements And Polishing Criminals

Facebook and twitter were created firstly for communicating between people. The communication, exchanging information, and overspreading knowledge were very acceptable social media goals. These sites used to offer great opportunities for users to express themselves, share their thoughts and take part to form a new community. Via social networking service, people posted and interacted with messages all over the world. Due to such great sites, the world becomes as a small village.
Later on, those

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I was Deleted

That was a deserted place, very big and horrifying. At a far distance, there was a narrow path covered in fog. The sky was overcast with stars and there was also the moon, even then there was darkness all around, the stars and the moon were dim. I was walking on the narrow path the yonder end of which seems to go nowhere. There appeared another narrow path from nowhere..........she was standing far away........may be at the distance of eternity. All at once the distance between me and her vanish

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How to use the word "DEAR"

Hello, my dear members of MyEC.

Often, I see members here write or say,
"How are you, dear?"
"Come on dear!"
"Have a nice day, dear."
"What is going on, dear?"
... and so on and on.

A friend of mine, a native English speaker, told me once she does not understand why people say so. I had to smile because I knew why she found it crazy that people who are not close to each other (they are no lovers, family members or very close friends) do call someone in that way.

That made me write this post.

When we use

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Learning silly fun stuff.

Aloha there.

I just came across a cool site that shares fun facts with animated-illustrated gifs (NotAClue, I know you're gonna love this so much) and I thought this could be a nice EC blog material :P

So... let's learn some useless fun stuff!!


I bet some politicians too! :P


I'm sure it was medicine-to-kill... This also proves my point that ketchup can't be good... it tastes as gross as medicine :P


And here I just found the perfect excuse for not to cook! XD


What a surprise... people making up stuff t

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Sheer Determination


She aims at her target like a big prize for the day, but still wary what might cause the delay. Could there be something lurking underneath the trees? Perhaps there’s a green-eyed monster waiting for her to ambush. Should she pursue it and risk her life? But the woodland is enchanting and the tropical weather is inviting. Nonetheless, her tummy is getting numb. She needs to act as fast as she can.

Eyeing for the gold comes to her mind. She doesn’t want her chicks to die in hunger, nor return to

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Photo Challenge: My Thoughts, My Photo

Welcome to our photo challenge! I hope everything is working well with you. This activity is about using your own photo and adding description using your thoughts and ideas. It’s basically one of the ways to challenge ourselves to describe our photos using words, phrases and figures of speech to improve vocabulary.

Furthermore, it’s exciting to exaggerate the sentences to add humor, drama or even horror in our writings. It doesn’t have to be lengthy. A few sentences would do.

Here’s how to parti

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Passive Voice with Two Objects

Hello everyone! :)

Have you ever been confused about passive voice when you found two objects in active sentence??

To remember about Passive Voice structure and examples, visit here.

Now let's look at this example!

  • Active Voice: She gave her son some money.
  • Passive Voice: Her son was given some money.

In active voice, 'her son' is indirect object, and 'some money' is direct object. In passive voice, the indirect object 'her son' becomes the subject.

Now another example...

  • Active Voice: She gave
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What a caring and considerate site this is!

I have joined this site on Sunday with an intention to overcome shortcomings I face while appearing in academic exam and professional career. From the first day I am impressed by the kind and helpful members here having strange names. One of them is Mrs. Rosemary who has suggested some interesting ideas to improve writing skill and also  recommended me a useful site. More interesting thing which has amused me is the reception of a welcome message from English Club with an ice cream image which i

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°•○ I Feel Chill in My Bones ○•°

      I used to hear old women in my village telling this story with a laugh and a sigh at the same time . They say that our great grand father , used to like dancing and signing alot . So , long time ago when the tribe decided to settle down at the mountains . They statred their traditional dancing and singing after their great celebration every one went to pick an area for his offspring to settle in but our great grand father was busy sining and dancing . He came late after everyone and found

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○°• The 2 Doors •°○

     Let's assume this scene was taking place in front of your eyes . Two doors were opened and you had to choose to get in quickly into one of them . These are doors of tow houses , where , you will stay locked in for the rest of your life . There were no third option for you to take and because of this you were granted a chance to look from the windows , to what is happening inside .
  Apparently , there is light , peace , food , comfortable furniture and nice people in the first house . On th

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The red words :):):)

Well..i want to ask you something.

                                                     How many times do you LAUGH on the day?

                                                                                 okay ..another question

                                                     How many times do you seek for Laughing everyday?

Do you see the red words ?...yeah this blog is about laughing,humor,smiling..........anything makes you happy..

Humor and laughing are infectious .When you laugh the who

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The  Ka'aba is located at the centre of the globe.  It is the Islam's most sacred mosque named as, Al-Masjid Al-Haram situated in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.  Praying in this mosque is  blessed one hundred thousand time more than any other mosque anywhere in the world. Wherever they are in the world, Muslims  face the Ka'aba – i.e. when outside Mecca, to face toward Mecca – when performing salah (Prayer).  Muslims living in the east, face towards west, living in west they face east, living

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How Proficiency in Multiple Languages Increases Adaptability

Proficiency in multiple languages broadens the intellect, increases chances at broad spectrum communication,and promotes multiculturalism.

Language is the expression of human communication through which knowledge, belief, and behavior can be experienced, explained, and shared. This sharing is based on systematic, conventionally used signs, sounds, gestures, or marks that convey understood meanings within a group or community

List of the M

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One never knows!!!

A rich man used to give gifts to a crazy man he was a very kind man. But anytime he gave a gift to the crazy, that one said "I will give you a gift too. "

One day, the rich man received a gift from the crazy man, it was a little board ,there was a sentence saying "what if it were you ?". The rich man couldn't understand anything, it was enigmatic for him. He hung it on the wall on top of his bed.After a few days, the rich man felt seriously sick. His wife went to the doctor,  she said to the doct
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Writing Challenge: A few lines about New MyEC

          I always enjoy expressing my thoughts since the commencement of my academic career. After enrolment in the University for Master Degree, I was required to write thesis. While researching relevant topics to my assignment, I came across two words “English Club”. The word “club” gives me different imagination regarding this site. I mean English with entertainment; I got a chance to visit there to see what this site is about. I found many useful links videos, blog posts etc. So, I decided

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Let's Talk Something About Cricket


What  is Cricket ?

Cricket is a bat-and-ball game having eleven players of both sides. One is bating side and other is blowling. They rotate their inings / turn. The battiing side, after seting scores on board, gives chance to the bowling side to bat and restruct them from chasing the scores.  They toss a coin in the air and whoever wins the toss  chooses to bat first or bowl in view of condition of pitch and atmosphere.  I played hockey and football too, but I found cricket more  stylish game i

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I'm so happy to visit new MyEC today. It's like our house has been renovated. ^^. The cover photo makes the profile have its own characteristic. Have you edited your profile?

We lost almost all the friends list, though. :( Do you think we have a hope Ning will get it back? You know, we also lost all the likes on old posts. Have you noticed it? We can't see who clicked like but from history. Chatroom seems weird without directly knowing who are in online chatters list. However, it's kinda new thi

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    I am wailing my youth in front of my mirror checking every inch in my face .I don't look that bad there's no wrinkles yet but they are hidden down in my skin. There are 4 only 4 grey hairs . I can cover them no one will see them . In my eyes I think I look in a good shape as if I am in the middle of my 30s . However , unlike most of women i have my own bad habit of telling my real age . I like to watch the excitement on other people faces, when I tell them , at least I am breaking a feminism

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