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30.10.18 Got lost again.

I thought that, that since I got glasses a year and about 3 or 4 months ago. I'm now better at orientation too, but not that much. I can go little bit deeper into forest I guess, but I'm still bad at orientation. I definitely must avoid going deep to forest where's no tracks or paths, or other obvious landmarks.. in any cost. Today I again got lost in town.. unfamiliar suburban. Just wanted to walk through of that suburban area.. I guess my mistake was looking all those big houses instead of not

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Sunflower Power (The First Bloom)


Sun… sun… sun… flower!  What’s with this plant that always brings smile to someone’s face whenever he or she sees it up close? Is it its bright color? Or is its petals? It seems exciting to grow one but I have contemplated because my garden is a bit shady. We all know it’s a ‘full sun’ kind of a plant, right?

Sunflowers also known as Helianthus, are heliotropics, they track the sunlight as much as they could therefore aid for their growth and maturity. From what I’ve experienced, if you place the

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This blog is my participating in Mishaikh's challenge about using idioms. I chose writing about food-idioms.

I'm going to spill the beans about how much I had to use my noodle to create some sentences by using food idioms. It was not a piece of cake because my sentences should not appear too cheesy.
But then, I told myself "Hey, just try to be as cool as a cucumber. Writing is your cup of tea. What are you afraid of?".
In a nutshell, my writings are still amateurish, and they never will be sold li

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out of blue, here i am again.

Hello.. How are you? Hope you all are well. Do you remember me?  at this moment i am kinda black and blue since the fire drill training at my workplace.  I can't barely walk - my legs hurt.  

The environment at the office not good.  The company want to let go some of workers due the economic so bad lately. The company left us in the dark, which makes us wondering who might be the one.  i am so anxious and have the blues during this time.  I was like want to kick someo

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It was buzzing of busyness, one could hear small busy feets running here and there. Eagerly whispering voices, saying “Yes, yes it is a golden opportunity” “once in a blue moon” chance.


Image borrowed from Google.

They all got green light, to make all necessary preparations, only the Little Rabbit was having the blues, because he had a feeling of being hold in the dark. That made him see red and he decided to tell them all a white lie.

He was unaware of that such act of his could make of him a blac

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Random thoughts with Geography Idioms. :))

People are often on cloud nine after digging deep to find an item on online shopping. You know why? Because they found the dirt cheap one at last. You'll be surprised to know that some rich people do that as well. They said, "we are down to earth". D

A down to earth person is apparently not like a fair-weather friend. Their being open and sensible make them be a good friend both in a field day or in a bad day. Problems could never go downhill when such fr

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Try to write a short story using some idioms of your choice, which you may find from the source (as provided by Sir Joe Essberger):


You can also use the base word Water as I have done in my previous blog.

 Steer your thoughts, feelings, and ideas put the words on the canvas giving them a shape.

Following is my another blog on idioms expressing colors:

"Colorful Expressions"

It’s now black and white that she never loved me. She is gone forever leaving m

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I didn’t know that I was getting into hot water while I declined her chat call.  She got angry and pointed me out that how out of etiquette my attitude was.  She also said though blood is thicker than water, but friendship is also important and it is sometimes proved not blown out of water.  I was really dead in the water when tried to pacify her.  It was like dipping a toe into the water.  My carelessness really put me in a position like fish out of water, feeling hard even to breathe.  I was n

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The Challenge of Acronyms

An acronym is a word or name formed as an abbreviation from the initial components in a phrase or a word.

Some common acronyms are: NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), POTUS (President of the United States).

Government agencies and QANGO or QUANGO (Quasi-Autonomous Non-Government Organisations) and the military thrive on acronyms. This can be a real challenge if you aren't familiar with the acronyms.

In Australia, the Style Manual for Aut

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Have you been part of the furniture? Are you a sofa or a table? Peace! Oh before you react violently, read on to find out what I really mean…

I learned an English expression while listening on a podcast from the BBC. I was cleaning the dining table and I thought why not share it here on MyEnglishclub. It is called ‘part of the furniture’. It is an expression we use to describe someone or something that’s been in the same place for a very long time. You could think that he or she will be there for

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Hi Everyone!!

  I hope you all are having a great day!!  I would like to give some info when it comes to inflammatory blogs.  The only thing in place at this moment to deter this kind of thing is the report member button.  Moderators can only do so much.  We are volunteers and we have families and lives that are not a part of EC.  We would like to have the option of being here when we are needed, but sometimes that can't happen, due to time differences or just life in general.  So when you see a

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The Proofs

There was a man who worked in an office. He often came to work late, though it was still in tolerant limit. He also went home hurriedly once the working hour ended, at the last second. But oftentimes, he would come back to office after an hour to work overtime.

Everyone in the office was wondering what was wrong with that person. They investigated him. One found that he went to the hospital in the morning, so did the other find in the evening, after work. They discussed about the 'proofs' they sa

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~ 2018 - 17 : Conversation 1.0 ~

Where to start...   let see....  MmMm... no i didn't see it...  front of me is just a white wall with nothing on it.. just empty.. empty space without a words...

that another story.... (^-^)v

After work 

On the way to train station i saw few sales ppl try to lore people and i suddenly make an eyes contact to one of them.

I saw this tall guy.. which is tall for me as i am only 155cm.  He wave and smile; i thought he wave at someone behind me.. so i just walk through and still staring at guy.. (couldn

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An open letter to MyEC brother

I met someone here on MyEC who made a tremendous impact on me. We spoke only for a few months but it felt like we've always known each other. I want to use this medium to tell him how appreciative I am of everything he has done for me.

Salaam alaik brother, hope you are doing just fine? I pray this letter reaches you in good health. You may not believe it but in those few months that we spoke, my life changed for the better. You drew me closer to my creator. You gave me hope that good people stil

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Story I

In front of a minimarket.
A friend: Hi Onee!
Me: Oh,,,Hi......!!! [shaking hands and thinking so hard to whom I was talking]
A friend: How are you..??
Me: I'm good. [smiles] What about you?
A friend: I'm very well Onee.
Me: You ... look different. [I said slowly in doubt]
A friend: Ah, I'm the same like before. You look more beautiful. :p
Me: e..hehe... Thank you. I'm with my mom.
A friend: Hi Ma'am! [shaking hands].
......some more conversation
Me: I'm going to shop something here. You

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(Picture from thinking.umwblogs.org)

Are you able to retain things that you have read or heard easily?  Do you remember what you ate the day before yesterday?  Do you remember what you did every day during your last trip?  If you do…..there is good news: you have a good memory!

Let´s go further:  you do not know where you put your keys or glasses, do you?  How about names, dates, addresses, phone numbers or even anniversaries or birthdays? Do you remember them without problems?  Well, if you do no

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Share your funny stories!

 Dear friends!  Human life is more stressful than others. So, this month I would like to ask you to write at least one funny story and make our life more joyful!

Here is one of the funny situations that I can remember right now, let us  laugh together!


 This year I along with my lovely  family did travel in Europe. It happened in a hotel over there. That day we  moved in  a new hotel and, we all liked it. Some time later I went to the bath room for taking shower. Everything was okay, t

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I recently read an interesting article. It said that Facebook, Inc. announced that they are developing a system with which things we think can be changed into characters and we can display them on terminal devices without typing anything on a keyboard. This method to read what a human think doesn't involve implanting some devices into the human brain, but they are detachably attached to close to the head. They aim to input 100 characters into the terminal device per minute in the future and this

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2347569793?profile=originalPicture by Leslie Anneliese

A majestic bird with golden plumage landed on a rock in front of the ocean.  A tiny fish poked out his head, drawn by the beauty of the bird.

With haughtiness the bird began to speak:

B:   Have you ever been in the blue sky?

F: No, I haven't, but I have been in the blue and fascinating ocean full of life and mystery.

B: Have you ever touched the stars?

F: No, I haven't, but I have touched the brightest reefs on earth full of light and color.

B: Have you ever da

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The Skype Call:

R: Hi, L! How have you been?

L: Hey, I am fine! I have just got a few free minutes and decided to open Skype. What about you?

R: I am not bad as well! I have just seen a cat, crossing the street and recalled the last topic of our previous conversation.

L: What is it?

R: We were talking about the pets last time.

L: Oh, really! You know, the cats have always been my favorite animals!

R: Mine too! They are so cute, funny and interesting!

L: Yeah, have you ever seen them playing with boxes?


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