daragino (11)

Bad thinking part (1)


A man married a woman after a long burning love story. One year later, she gave birth to a beautiful child. When he was five years old, the father decided to take his wife on a sea trip to forget the problems of life. They left their son with their grandmother.

The ship sailed and there was no one except the two of them. Unfortunately, the ship had an accident. It sank in the sea, and there had been only one lifeboat which was for one person. The husband left his wife and quickly took the lifebo

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Shawal's six days


After Ramadan, comes the month of Shawal. We fast six days during this month. It is Sunnah and not obligatory. According to Hadeeth, (who he fasts Ramadan and follows that with six days in Shawal, it is as if he fasts forever.)

This is built on one good deed equals that ten times the same. so the idea is like this. Ramadan is thirty days. if you multiply all that by ten, it equals three hundred days. the six days of Shawal are consequently sixty days. That makes a total of three hundred and sixt

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stories from the time of Corona (3)


People who come from abroad or are suspected of carrying the coronavirus are locked in buildings or hotels.  In some countries, they are put in high luxurious hotels and given the life that each one of us is dreaming of. Their meals are presented precisely according to the time. Juice and other beverages are served round the clock. The internet is free. After two weeks, the health authorities would know whether they are well or not.       

I heard pope Francis saying that the lord would not leav

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stories from the time of Corona (2)


Two-thirds of Ramadan has gone. The first third is called  Rahmah (mercy). The second third is called magfirah (forgiveness). tomorrow, Wednesday is the last third of Ramadan.The last ten days of Ramadan. They are called Itgun min annar (free from fire). Of course, the last third of Ramadan is the best of all. In Islam, the last third is always the best part. For instance, the best part of the day is its last third. 

Allah, The Almighty descends on the last third of the day and says, (Is there a

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stories from the time of Corona (1)


Each day, we sit listening to the daily conference on Covit 19.  We hear the live statistics and Coronavirus news tracking the number of confirmed cases, recovered patients, tests, and death toll due to the deadly virus. We know the time of briefing from the ministry of health in our country. Up to now, more than three and a half million confirmed cases of the new Coronavirus round the globe.   

 I and my family got used to this kind of lockdown and this routine. People tried to cope with the si

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Tomorrow, Friday 24 of April is the first day of Ramadan. Ramadan means stop eating and drinking and the sexual desire from dawn until sunset then we breakfast. Ramadan is the month of mercy and forgiveness and freeing from hell. I congratulate you on the beginning of the month and I take this opportunity to ask God to move that deadly virus from the world. I shall continue to talk later about the holy month.

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Unavoidable dawn

Tiny spots fly high. 

Suddenly, they are airborne  

The distance is far away, so far away.         

Seasons pass by and leave.           

That lockdown is everlasting,

but for each night, dawn breathes.      

The journey is long, but it must be done.  

The distance is far, its footsteps are counted,

I shall walk it.

On the balconies, the song is sad, full of nostalgia,

and I shall sing it. 

The deadly swarm is up there.

but for each night,

Inevitable dawn is coming. 

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Corona Versus our Consciences


What is going on? Is it the end of the world or the end of humanity? Would it be a conspiracy of some sort? On the other hand, it might be a pure act of gaining money. More than a quarter of a million people went to the other world. Here, the equation is not balanced.

Shall we go back to ourselves and our consciences? Corona is the cause. Yes, it could be the reason, why not? It could be a matter of paying attention to our deeds. At least, we have done something bad, real bad!

We cheat, Corona do

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Faithful daughter 


Once upon a time, there was a father who had four daughters. Four men came to ask their hands for marriage. The father decided that the elder one to get married first, but she refused to do so in order to take care of her father. The other three sisters got married. The elder one started to take care of her old man until he died. In his will, he said that no money was to be divided until the elder sister was married.

The three married sisters did not agree to that and they decided to sell the ho

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That year

I hope, it won’t be a year  

Like every year.

I hope that day will come.

When I see my darling wearing

her wedding dress holding my hand 

Our families are standing around us.

An overwhelming joy shades us   

I hope this day will come,

I wear my shirt, my full suit.

My friends, my colleagues, my classmates

They come and sing until the morning.

A crowded house of laughter.

Then I say this is my wife,

my world and my wish.

I hope it won’t be a year

Like every year.

This is the most beautiful year

Happiness is deep

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