The guns of the present.


I am starting my blog with a question, and I shall end it with a question too. Is peace far from our reach? For over fifty years we have just suffered and heard daily news of wars everywhere. Some spots are boiling and others are less severe.

Since the beginning of this world, mankind killed each other. They never stopped doing it. Most of the regions of the so-called third world are killing each other.

look at the middle east, Palestine, and Israel. Open the news and our country, Sudan is always on the headlines of every news: Yemen, Somalia, Syria, the Ukraine. The list of ongoing armed conflicts is long.

Defending ourselves is a legitimate right. On the other hand, overindulgence in things is counterproductive. Extravagance is not good.

Resorting to the voice of reason is a must. Sometimes we do not know what we are fighting for. Could we sit at a table and try to put an end to all our conflicts?


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  • Hi dara,

    If there is no war, the factories of mass destructions weapons will go bankrupt, and their huge income is cut off. Therefore, it is useless to sit behind the negotiating table as long as the factories exist. My question is that can these factories stop their productions?

    • Halet chetore Saba, Well done, my dear respected lady. You hit the nail on its head. Thanks for your nice question and your nice comment too.  Thanks for your quick response and I am sorry for my late reply. Take care.

  • Hi, Salah. Imagine all the people living life in peace.

    • Konichiwa Tam, do you know that (Imagine) was my favorite song? I used to like it a lot. Maybe it was the best of all his songs. Mr. Lennon was my best singer. I used to be a fanatical admirer of that late rock singer. Thanks, Tam for your nice comment.. 

  • Muito obrigado Josi A. Thanks for pressing the like button.

  • I hope people on Earth find peace and work together for a better world. Thanks for sharing.

    • Selamat ma'am Sia, thanks for pressing the like button.

  • Grazie Adriano Martell. Thanks for pressing the like button. 

  • Hello Salah! Another interesting and relevant topic. I believe that every extremist ideology can lead to madness. Uncontrolled ambition makes us inhuman.

    • Ola Josi, who planted those ideas on their heads? Is it for money, or power? We can gain them by other means. Blood shed becomes the main headline in the world. On! What an ideology! Thanks, Josi for your comment. I really appreciate it.

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