The Villa: Part One

Daisy and Rose are two sisters. When they were teenagers, they went to their aunt’s house every weekend. It was in a beautiful…

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The Broad Meaning of Muslim in Quran

Islam and Muslim have the same letter root (s,l,m) in Arabic. Islam means “submission to the truth” and Muslim means “one who submits to the truth”. The best definition for both words are mentioned in Quran.


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saba commented on dara gino's blog post Just a minute (3)
"I doubt this woman.
Is she a scammer?"
Aug 21
saba commented on dara gino's blog post Just a minute (2)

you helped her and she should give you the wisdom for free."
Aug 21
saba commented on dara gino's blog post Just a minute (1)

you did a good job to pay for the old lady, helping people is good."
Aug 21
saba replied to dara gino's discussion Why Do We Cry When We Are Happy?
"When a sever excitment happen for people, they can't bear it, and they may cry in happy moments or…"
Jul 22
saba replied to dara gino's discussion short doors

for emergency reasons."
Jul 22
saba commented on dara gino's blog post Power or Money
"Hello Dara
I agree with Mohammad."
Jul 22
saba commented on Onee-chan's blog post Stories from the time of Covid-19

Hi Onee
These days, if someone catches a cold, he/she scares at first,.I hope covid 19 go away as…"
Jun 28
saba commented on dara gino's blog post Bad thinking part (2)

Hi dara
Before we judge, we need to seek the truth. If the son asked his father about the story…"
Jun 28

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  • Hello Saba, I'm very glad to be your friend: if you need my help please let me know on what topics and I'll help you.  See you soon in the forums and happy evening....

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  • Hi my old friend... thank you for your wishes.

    Hope you're doing so well in your side. Best wishes!

  • Hi Saba, how are you? How is going your days..wishinga very nice moment in here & THER..
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  • Hello saba,

    I would like to wish you a very...,


    May all your goals and wishes come true, may success, prosperity, health, strength, happiness and laughter be your companions. I wish for you an year filled with joy and good moments.

    My best wishes.

  • Dear Saba,

    It's nice to see you again. I hope you have a Great December! ^_^

  • Dear Saba,

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