He has to go to a secret island. He doesn’t know anything about the island. A man said to him that he knew everything about that mysterious island, he said: “There isn’t any water or food there, and you can’t find any shelter. There aren’t any medical facilities and first aid, so it is necessary for you to buy a big backpack and all required thins before going on this trip”.

But another man said: “I know the secret island very well, there isn’t any shortage of water, food, housing, medical care in the island, there are plenty of them”.

“It’s waste of money, time and energy to take them with you” he said. “ You can go there without any backpack or something  backpacks or anything.”

He was confused. He couldn’t trust any either of them!

He thought logically and made a wise decision.

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  • Dear bahman,

    Thank you!

  • really helpful.
  • Great job and nice story as well. Thanks for sharing dear Saba.

  • Hello Mohammad,

    Hahaha....., the story is happy ending, because the writer is Iranian :D

    BTW, those who are going to MT Everest, they must take all required equipment (except water) for one month.

    Thank you very much for your nice comment and encouraging me to write more.

  • Saba, thanks for letting me know the rest of the story, you did ease my mind. in fact, finally, your story was finished like our Iranian films! you might know my meaning.  :)

    By the way, what a backpack that he could spend 3 weeks with that ! ,,, Please if it is possible let me know about the equipment, kind and amount of meals and water which were in the backpack. I will be grateful to know that.  :D  , just kidding, no need to tell me, I can guess myself.  :)

    Thanks for your LONG reply and spending your precious time to write that, add it to your blog for others as well.

    Have fun!

  • Dear Nadira,


  • Hello Expectore,

    Many thanks for taking your precious time to correct my blog. It is highly appreciated.

    I’ll re-edit my blog to make corrections.


  • Dear Mohammad,

    Lol, I am glad that you are curious about the story :)
    Here, is the rest of the film, watch it, Please :D
    He went to the island taking all the required equipment with him. When he reached the island, he was so hungry that he could eat anything. He was tired too, but he couldn’t find anywhere to rest or anything to eat.

    He looked at his backpack and felt as pleased as anything. “ If I hadn’t it, I couldn’t stay here any.” He thought.
    He spent three days in the island searching for water or plant life,….but he couldn’t find any drop of water or any living things.

    He collected samples of soils, took lots of pictures and got ready to come back home. But he was lost and couldn’t find any way to the coast. Again he looked at his backpack and felt as pleased as anything. “ If I hadn’t it, I couldn’t survive any” He thought.
    After three weeks, he found the coast and his boat.

    He returned home safely with lots of information about the secret island. He wasn’t anyone before that trip.

  • Hello Shaila,

    He decided to take all the required equipment with him, because this option was safe and less risky.

    Thank you for the feedback.

  • Hello Onee

    Hahaha....and he was sure, he wouldn't die from hunger :)

    Thank you for your nice comment and the like.

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