The Villa: Part One

Daisy and Rose are two sisters. When they were teenagers, they went to their aunt’s house every weekend. It was in a beautiful village in a mountainous area. They had good times there; they went to the mountains with their cousins, they enjoy watching the cattle grazing and the fresh smell of mountain flowers.

In the mountain, there was a small cave that the children liked it more than other things. There was a large farm on the mountain slopes where a villa was being built.
The villa belonged to a rich man who had not a good background. His name was Mr. Fox. He had spent four years in prison for a bank robbery. Furthermore, his wife had been separated from him due to his bad behavior.

When the villa was completed, Mr. Fox had his workers fence around his farm including the cave. He didn’t allow anyone to enter the cave. He had stolen the cave, too.

The two sisters couldn’t go to their favorite place anymore, and for this they hated the villa and its owner. They wished the villa bring bad luck for Mr. Fox.
To be continued……

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