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Hello 2017

Hi, guys a happy new year to you all.Hope that you will like Good Bye 2016 and welcome 2017.The new year begins, let us pray…

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A memory about a crow

When I was a child our house was near a big park. There were tall trees in the park and I could see them easily, most of the time I went to the park and play with my…

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Coral left a comment for Onee-chan

Hello Onee"
Jun 8
Coral is now friends with saba and Onee-chan
Jun 8
Coral liked MA NO's blog post You need to read this :)
May 29
Coral commented on lyes's photo
"Old buildings are fantastic."
May 18
Coral commented on ELF-Noor's blog post ``~ Relationship ~``
"Dear Elf
I agree with you.  I wish all relationships are based on trust."
May 18
Coral replied to Baho ノエル's discussion Round 58 : It's a noun in GUESS MY WORD!
"Hello Baho
I think the game is so much exciting, and you are a good host.I'm eager to know the answ…"
May 18
Coral commented on ELF-Noor's blog post Feeling Your Absence...!!
"Nice poem,
Writing about emotions is one of the reasons why I like poetry so much.
Thanks for shari…"
May 18
Coral replied to Baho ノエル's discussion Round 58 : It's a noun in GUESS MY WORD!
"Hello Baho!

Is it a kind of powder?"
May 18

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    Hello Coral

  • Mod

    Dear Coral,

    How are you doin' in the sea? hehe...

    Wish you a great November! ^_^

  • Mod

    Dear Coral,

    Image result for week good animated

  • Hello Coral

    Happy Spring to You

  • Hi Dear,
    I hope, You are fine and doing well..

    "Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.":))
    May You live Long and Happy life...^_^

    Stay Blessed..
  • Mod

    Dear Coral,

    A glass of mango juice for your health ...

  • Mod

    Dear Coral,

    Hope you're doing very well there. Have a wonderful week! 

    Take care,

    Onee ^_^

  • Coral Dear:

    Add your round of Game "Guess my Word" as discussion form..

    open this link:


    And fill this form..

    -add discussion title

    -add your game content in "Text Box"

    Click on "Add discussion" button at the bottom.


  • Mod

    Dear Coral,

    " ...Stay Beautiful... "

    Onee :)

  • You almost won Coral!!
    You played really well ^_^
This reply was deleted.

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