• Albata! I have to spend some of it on the charity assemblies. That money will come back to me, you know it Saba, don't you?

  • Hi vuong queanh!

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  • People who fail to keep their promise, they haven't confidence on themselves and always doubtful about their decisions, but those who fulfil their promise, they are trustworthy and successful

  • What a beautiful sentence you wrote! when we share happiness, not only it doesn't decreases but also increases :)

    Thanks dear Jasmine for your nice comment and the like.

  • Yes of course. If I found a treasure, I would spend it out to charity. As we know, total number of children that die every year from hunger is 1,5 millions (source: Facing the Future, Think Quest, Hunger Relief Organizations). I would provide free education for all people particularly for poor society. I believe, If the people got a good education, They will not be trapped in slavery or poverty.

    • About 1,5 million kids die from hunger every year, while some people throw away lots of food daily, how terrible it is! To prevent this the world need good management. As you mentioned, providing free education for all reduce poverty and contributes to fostering peace. Thanks Zanky for your nice comment

  • A person who has the courage to tell the truth, he will certainly has the courage to do great things. BTW, Ahmad, I haven't found any treasure yet, but once I was traveling I lost my purse :((((((. Thanks dear for your nice comment and the like.

  •  I am currently helping a charity but the amount is very low. If I find a treasure I will spend most of it for myself . Instead, I will further contribute to charity:-D=-O

    • You are admirable for helping the charity, wish you always keep up the great work and add the amount.

  • For sure I will. Not just by giving money to dome families, I will help them to run their own business, to get better education, to get cured and etc. I just hope the treasure which I will found is endless, so I could help so many:D
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