This group is designed to let members listen to a song and try to write the lyrics.This group will help members to increase listening and speaking cleverness.This group will provide,great songs and great singers.

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The song of the month May 2013   : Give Me Peace On Earth by Hala

The Song of the month June  2013:Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by noaslpls

The Song of the month July 2013  :I am your angel  by Teacher Joy

The Song of the month Aug 2013 :Earth song by Sima

The Song of the month September 2013: I love you baby by Karol

The Song of the month October 2013 :Virtual Insanity by Barbare

The song of the month November 2013:Feeling good by Excuse Me

The song of the month December 2013 : Happy new year by _SERA

The song of the month January 2014 :Endless love by Ariaz

The song of the month March 2015 : Playing for Chance by Lica

The songs of the month August 2015:Thinking about Leaving by Danny Clark

First song of the month September 2015 : Wild Child By Tanya

The song of the month October 2015 : First time by Burn Bakaq 

The song of the month November 2015 : your persistence by Elen 

The song of the month December 2015 is Jingle bell  by Danny Clark

The song of month January 2016 is Rather be by ann 

Challenge of the month July 2013 : Deep blue sea by Nafis congratulations

Audio recording of the month Aug 2013:How deep is your love by Nighthawk

Audio recording of the month September 2013 :Forever  by shabeen

Audio recording of the month October 2013 : A Thousand years by Surawan

Audio recording of the month November 2013:Air Supply by Aariz

Audio recording of the month December 2013:Love story by me

Audio recording of the month January 2014 : NO Audio recording.

Audio recording month August 2015 : Someone Like you by Danny Clark

First Audio recording of the month September 2015 : A new day has come                                                                                 by  Tulip

I want to congratulate the group member no.100.constantine jacoba maria

Welcome constantine congratulation you are the member no 100 any post of you here will be featured ,small present from the group for member no.100

Waiting for member no.200.

Horray member no 200 arrived congratulation Spirit you are the member no 200 for this group all your discussions here will be featured.

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  • ►Imam Ali (PBUH) says:

    "Life is a specific number of breaths."

    Hope To use these numbers Good. Mr. Modaway is Gone! May God Bless him! 

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  • Dear friends! Happy New Year! It is one of the best groups in the EC and I wish all people who love music never to lose this great spirit of wonder and inspiration! Music is one of the most powerful tools that can unite all of us and let it be so! Many Happy New Years, a lot of happiness, excitement and inspiration in everything we do!

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  • Ohhh, you chose my song as the song of November! Thank you very much Modaway! It is a really nice song and i think it deserve it :) But now you put my this funny and maybe ridiculous profile pic up there :D, maybe you should wait me to change pic, haha! Thank you again!

  • My congrats, my dear friend!

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  • Shakireen lakum ihtimamakum. Thank you!

  • I love singing :-))))
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Por una Cabeza - Carlos Gardel

Hi there!There is one song or better to say melody that I want to share with everyone here.It's a famous song and I guess, you have already heard it somewhere.But before listening to it, please read my story, connected with this song:One day, about 3-4 years ago I was walking on the streets at the city(Lviv) center. And suddenly I noticed one weird melody, that sounded from afar. I liked it, although I wasn't able to recognize or recall what exactly melody it was. I moved toward the source of…

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Carmen, Stromae and Social Networks.

Hello EC Birds!Trying to make this group alive (one more time), here I wanna share a song by Stromae. I usually don't listen to this kind of music genre (Electro-pop-music) but I admit Stromae is doing a great job and he already gave lot of classics to this genre. I like mostly because his music is not only dance music; he also writes lyrics with a message and talks about social topics such as feminism, racism or like, in this case, the alienation through social networks.This is a french song…

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Queen: Somebody to Love

My friends, I am in the mood for adding one more discussion and to see if it works out.If you read my last blog, you may know I do have an intention to bring this group back to life and I am in the mood today. I have many indisputable (or maybe, disputable!) reasons for posting it today.As you may know I am living in the hell now! My great dog delivered seven puppies about a month ago. I also have three cats and one of them is on the heat. My crazy Australian parrot can't live a single day…

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11 Replies

It is Christmas Time Again!

My friends! I'd like to share my good mood and Christmas spirit with you. I am leaving on vacation, but I hope this song will make your hilidays. It is so easy-going, light, bright and much more. It is Christmas spirit of America, of Florida, of my land! I think it is needless to introduce you Backstreet Boys. It is a unique band that won hearts of all living generations. I will never forget Tanya's mother saying "Oh, Backstreet Boys! They are so great! I love them and feel young again!" And…

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0 Replies