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If you have any questions about ENGLISH SPEECH SOUNDS and how to read the PHONETIC TRANSCRIPTIONS, don't hesitate to ask me for help!
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Gabriel Sowrian commented on A738a's blog post Homo sapiens, meet homophones! IV
Gabriel Sowrian commented on A738a's blog post Homo sapiens, meet homophones! IV
Gabriel Sowrian commented on A738a's blog post Homo sapiens, meet homophones! IV
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  • Hello dear Gabriel, just say hello to you! I missed a lot when we all together joined in your amazing blogs and also learned lots of English from you. Big thanks and hope to see you back soon. Cheers! :) 

  • Whenever I visit my EC I spend a lot of time on your page, it's really great to  find all these blogs, discussions, games, links, songs ...etc in one interesting page which helps all of us to improve our skills  in English. You did many educational and important things in this site and you deserve our highly appreciation . I hope we can see more lessons and blogs from you, dear Gabriel.

  • Hello Gabriel!How are you?I apologize for such a late reply.Thank you very much for step by step instructions.And i decided immediately to try to send you a gift)I hope it will reach you safely)
  • Hi dear Gabriel,

    How are you doing? Hope you are fine ?

    I would like to inform you about my studies, if you find the time and come to my blog, appreciate it :))

    by the way

    I thought  it would be a good reason to meet you again :)

    Take Care,


    My Last trip "St. Petersburg" ( Part II )
    Really Absolutely Great Splendor  Where shall I start to flash back ?  I was very Impressed. Let's begin by reviewing of their Power. Once upon a tim…
  • Hi, Gabriel!

    It's Easter Sunday today!

    Easter is the time to spread the joy and happiness that Christ has brought about into our lives, to everyone we meet. Wishing you and your loved ones a Meaningful Easter, the renewal of love, happiness and life.

    Have a wonderful Easter!


  • Forgiveness Sunday!

  • Happy Maslenitsa!

  • Broad Maslenitsa!

  • H, Gabriel!

    We've been celebrating Maslenitsa this week in Russia! It's the holiday that lasts for a week to say "Goodbye!" to winter and also it’s a special week before the Great Lent according to Orthodox Church. Maslenitsa is our Russian carnival. It’s very colourful and cheerful and people have a lot of fun. The main food is bliny (Russian pancakes).

    On the last day of Maslenitsa there’s a solemn burning of the stuffed figure of winter.

    The last day of the week –Sunday is called ‘forgiveness Sunday’. On that day people ask each other for forgiveness for all grievances and troubles. Forgiveness is the core message of Christianity and also a powerful tool to free our blocked heads from a mess of thoughts. The God will forgive your sins if you forgive other people. "Please, forgive me!"

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I believe when people suffer lacking something, it is predominant in their speeches... What do you think? Sometimes we see people our around that complain about others behavior, traits ...but when we see deeply,, they try to attribute that traits to…

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