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Give Me Peace On Earth

Here's another song from the album "You're my heart,you're my soul " by the band Modern Talking .It's a nice song with a wonderful lyrics .

I wish peace to all the people around the world !

                                            Give me peace on

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Por una Cabeza - Carlos Gardel

Hi there!

There is one song or better to say melody that I want to share with everyone here.

It's a famous song and I guess, you have already heard it somewhere.

But before listening to it, please read my story, connected with this song:

One day, about 3

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Carmen, Stromae and Social Networks.

Hello EC Birds!

Trying to make this group alive (one more time), here I wanna share a song by Stromae. I usually don't listen to this kind of music genre (Electro-pop-music) but I admit Stromae is doing a great job and he already gave lot of classics

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Queen: Somebody to Love

2352906035?profile=originalMy friends, I am in the mood for adding one more discussion and to see if it works out.

If you read my last blog, you may know I do have an intention to bring this group back to life and I am in the mood today. I have many indisputable (or maybe, disp

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It is Christmas Time Again!

2352902485?profile=originalMy friends! I'd like to share my good mood and Christmas spirit with you. I am leaving on vacation, but I hope this song will make your hilidays. It is so easy-going, light, bright and much more. It is Christmas spirit of America, of Florida, of my l

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Hallelujah - Bye Mr. Cohen.

Hallelujah is one of the most popular songs by Leonard Cohen and it has been performed hundred of times by many different artists. The version I'm sharing here is one of the most beautiful covers made by Rufus Wainwright. 

It's not a religous praise e

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Hello EC music lovers!!

I love to listening to music while I'm working and I feel lucky for that!. So, I was doing my stuff and listening to my muse Joan Jett (yes, I have a very punk side too!) when she starts playing this song ("Everyday People") a

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One Direction

In this group we have discussed about many great artists. Today I would like to raise a topic about One Direction. They are a new, young band (from 2010).Let’s hear their songs first.The first song I want to add is “What makes you beautiful”. I think

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'Sailing' Chris Cross

Hi friends!I'd like to share this old song in wich I use to 'hide' when feeling stressed even nostalgic haha... well, actually it makes me feel good and not only this one but all Christopher Cross songs. Hope you don't think I'm old fashioned lol...

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Shine like the star you are! ^_^

Aloha EC music lovers!
I would like to share this awesome cover of Katy Perry's 'Firework' song.
I'm not a Katy Perry's music fan, but I admit that I like the message of this song (but I prefer this cover made by Pearl and the Beard & Sophie Madelei

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