Por una Cabeza - Carlos Gardel

Hi there!

There is one song or better to say melody that I want to share with everyone here.

It's a famous song and I guess, you have already heard it somewhere.

But before listening to it, please read my story, connected with this song:

One day, about 3-4 years ago I was walking on the streets at the city(Lviv) center. And suddenly I noticed one weird melody, that sounded from afar. I liked it, although I wasn't able to recognize or recall what exactly melody it was. I moved toward the source of melody and gradually recognized the sounds of violin and accordion played by street musicians. The melody contained soft, slow, and carefree happy moments (couplets) and stormy, increasing and passionate sad moments (choruses).

And at the moment when I stepped out of the corner of the building that separated me from the straight sound of that melody, I've finally heard that heart-touching chorus. It made me think "I have to find this melody in Google and listen to it again!" But I failed to find it. That time I couldn't even imagine to try to find it by humming.

But recently we have had a call with Glee and she advised me to try to find it on one site, by humming. I tried by humming "tam-tam, ta-ta" and it didn't work. Then she tried by humming "la-la" and succeeded.

This is the melody:

And this is a song with lyrics:

Here is a little more information about this song and lyrics:


The name is a Spanish horse-racing phrase meaning "by a head", which refers to a horse winning a race narrowly - by just the length of its head. The lyrics speak of a compulsive horse-track gambler who compares his addiction for horses with his attraction to women.

And I want to add that I like the sound of violin very much. And there is one more song, I want to find, but unfortunately I can't find it by humming :/

And I know, I should've said "I remember neither name of the song, nor name of the artist". I've recorded this video before starting to learn English Grammar.

Well, I hope you will enjoy listening to the song! :)

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  • Ishtar,

    It seems, people have different stories and memories connected with this song!

    Thank you for dropping by!

  • Carlos Gardel! I live close to Argentina so here tangos are well known, and Carlos Gardel is a favourite of mine! It reminds me a lot to my grandfather, who died 10 yeara ago. Everytime I listen to Gardel I can't help but thinking of grandad.

    And "Por una cabeza" might be one of his best known song! But no wonder it had to be very hard for you to find it! 

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