I was in a hotel near the beach in Kish island. I like walking along the beach but I couldn’t because it was hot and humid. At night it was a bit cool, so I decided  to walk. While I was walking , a tall girl came and started a conversation with me.

The girl: Hello, Can you speak English?

Me: Hi, Yes, I can.

The girl:  I was looking for someone to speak with. It’s nice to see you.

Me: It’s my pleasure to meet you. Where are you from?

The girl: India. It sounds you are from Iran. Aren’t you?

Me: Yes, I am Iranian. I’m Saba by the way.

The girl: My name is Mina.

Me: Nice name. It is a name for girls in Iran, too.

The girl: It means myna (a kind of bird) in Indian language.

Me: Why did you plan to visit Kish Island?

The girl: I’m going to visit my brother in Dubai.

Me: Are you going there alone?

The girl: No, I’m with my family.

Me: It’s 2:30, I should get up early in the morning, I’d better go to bed.

The girl: Ok. It’s really nice to talk to you. Good night.

Me: Good night.

The next morning, I saw Mina again. I said good morning to her and smile but, she didn’t reply back.

Me: You don’t remember me!

The girl: I don’t know you.

Me: You were looking for someone to speak with, and started to talk with me.

The girl: I’ve never talked to you before.

Me: Why pretend you don’t know me?

The girl: I’ve never seen you before, why can’t you believe?

Me: Do you think I’m a stupid? Go to your brother in Dubai.

The girl: What?! Dubai! How do you know I’m going to my brother in Dubai?

Me: I’m a fortuneteller.

The girl: Kidding?

Me: No, I’m serious.

At that moment, a girl just like Mina came.

Mina: Good morning, Saba! This is my twin sister Sita.

Me: Goodness!...you are twins.

Sita: You talked with my twin sister last night! I’m really sorry for my behavior.

Me: No problem. I’m sorry for my rude words, too. Let’s take a selfie.

Mina & Sita: Good idea! Let’s take a selfie.

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  • Dear Ellen,

    So you were born with your best friend. It's a blessing. If you had an identical twin, then we had two Elens in EC:D 

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • Hi Peppo,

    Lol, the dialogue was not real. but if it were real, it would be an unforgettable moment for me.

    Thanks for your nice comment.

  • Hello Onee,

    Sorry for that, I posted my blog in a hurry and didn't notice to open it for comments.

    The dialogue was not real. I liked to add fun to it, when I said "I'm a fortuneteller" :)

    Thanks for your nice comment.

  • Dear Mishaikh,

    Thanks for your nice comment. It is appreciated.

  • Dear Mishaikh,

    Thanks for your nice comment. It is appreciated.

  • Haha, nice funny story, Saba. Is it a real story? I have a twin brother and I am wondering now how would be to have a twin sister with the same looking and confuse the people. It would be funny I guess, lol.

  • How lucky you are Saba, Dear. When you are trapped or misunderstood because of twin thingy. It seems to be confusing at first until the moment of clarification when the twins are appeared at same place and time. It would be an unforgettable moment.
    Thank you for sharing ^^
  • Saba,

    I was wondering why you closed comments for this at first. But, it's okay now. ^^

    Please tell me this was not real. Was it needed to say 'I'm a fortuneteller?' :D People commonly like selfie, so your trick to calm them was successful. :D

    A very interesting dialogue, Saba. Your blog is always nice and beautiful. ^_^

    Thank you so much for participating the challenge. I'm so glad. ^_^

  • Very interesting blog saba. A good read.

  • Thanks to all who like my blog. It is appreciated.

This reply was deleted.