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Vegetarian food is the food that comes from plants and it consists of vegetables and fruit. Some people are vegetarian because of their religeous beliefs while others turn vegetarian because they think it's more healthy. I personally think that it is not a healthy choice because a balanced diet should also include nutrients that come from milk, poultry and meat sources. Although plants too contain most of the nutrients but amino acids/proteins in them are of much lower quality than those of animal origin. I know that vegetarians try to get more nutrients by including foods like soya and almond milk in there meals but those items are quite expensive and are not available everywhere especially in communities who eat meat a lot. Foods consisting of vegetables and fruit is very healthy as long as we add good protein source with them. People who don't eat fruit and vegetables are also malnourished and  are prone to diseases like coronary artery disease(heart disease), diabetes mellitus, cancer and hypertension (high blood pressure).

Here I would like to mention a Russian vlogger who died a few days ago. I don't remember her name but I read in the news that she didn't eat anything apart from raw vegetables and fruit for past 10 years! She would eat only raw plant based food. She wouldn't even drink water. She died of starvation. She was only 39. Her family tried to councell her multiple times to eat a more balanced diet but she always ran away from home and lived in different countries. People who met her in her last years of life said she was severely malnourished and they were scared she would die soon. She even promoted this as a healthy life style via her vlogs. She even thought she wouldn't catch covid because of her eating habits but she did. Although I didn't know her before her death and have never seen any of her vlogs but her death made me sad. She died at such a young only because of unhealthy eating habits.

I'm writing this blog as a  challenge given by Peter Eastey. I didn't take any help from any source including google. In above paragraphs I only wrote what came to my mind.

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  • i never eat fruit in my live

  • You are perfect on English, You deserve IELTS exam .. congras 

  • Hi, Nida, well done. How did you find the exercise? It seems like all that information was already in your brain, and you had to allow it to pour onto the page. Now if that topic came up in an exam, say an essay or article, the bulk of the content is there. Once the information is on the page, you can add to it, check the facts, and organise it into an excellent honest piece of writing. But also, in an exam, you don't have access to Google and books, so you can only rely on what's in your brain. The exercise works when you have a specific topic to write about and if you're writing fiction. The trick for starting with something fictional is observation. Notice the people and things surrounding you and how your environment makes you feel. Good job, Nida.

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