Let's play a game and enrich our vocabulary!

Ask me YES/NO questions and I will give you hints. You should Guess My Word and win the game" :)

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In this game, A HOST saves A WORD (English word) and the other players ASK YES/NO QUESTION and try to GUESS the word with the hints given.The one who can guess the word correctly for the first time is the winner and will be the next host. In case the winner is not able to be a host, s/he would better find the substitute. :)

So, TO BE A HOST, you should play a game and win....OR.... You should join the game and volunteer to be a host in the next round. Please notice us before you do.

A NEW DISCUSSION is made by A NEW HOST for each round with the title Round XX: [The first hint]. One shouldn't host the game twice in five rounds. Easy, right? :)

Welcome to the Game! ^_^

NB: This GROUP is dedicated to all members who are interested in playing ‘GUESS MY WORD’. Thanks a lot to the PIONEER of the Game:



Another MODERATOR in this Group. :))

2343717814?profile=original Mishaikh

Thanks to Teacher and English Native Speaker who help a lot in this game. :))

Tanya & Danny Clark

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Thanks a million to all. ^_^

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  • Hello everyone,
    How are you? :)
    Have a great weekend! ^^
  • Hi everyone, word gamers. lol

    Please enjoy your days! :)

    Sure, Mishaikh.

    My apology for the very belated reply for your first request. ^^

    Give me some time. Let me think about the time and host. Do you have any idea? lol.

  • I would like to get this game started once again! Is it possible?

  • Why aren't we playing this game Onee? :)

  • Thank you, dear! Same to you!

  • Sure, it will be fine, Sir.

    Have a nice weekend! ^_^
  • My friends, I don't mind hosting the game. But let me start it tomorrow as I have just finished my Halloween story and am still thinking about some corrections.

    Thanks a lot!

  • Yes, Onee, it will be an honour for all of us to have Danny as 'host'. 

    What do you think Danny? 

  • Hi Mishaikh, and all players, :))

    How about Teacher Dan as a host for the round 62? :)

    Have a nice day! ^_^

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Round 62. It is a noun

Hi, my friends! As I have been honored to host this round, I am happy to introduce you my word.1. It is a noun.2. We can see and touch my word.3. It starts with a consonant.4. It is a common countable noun.5. It is a living thing.6. It is a compound noun.7. It defines some type of a person.8. It somehow describes his/her personality.9. It is not a positive feature.10. It is person's attitude to what he does in everyday life.11. My special hint. Such people are disorganized.12. It doesn't strat…

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ROUND 61. Guess My Word..

Hi All,Being a Winner of last Round Hosted by Estanis of GUESS MY WORD game, I am going to Host this Round. You have to guess my word by Asking Question And I will give you reply in only Yes/NO.I hope, You all will enjoy this Round..Hint:->Adjective->Related to Human Nature.->Negative word.->Start with Consonant letter.->It is not end with -ful, -ed.->It is not Heartbroken.My word isWoebegone: Looking or Feeling Very SadThe Winner of this round is Estanis.~Congratulations~-----------------Stay…

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ROUND 60. Something typical of a country

So... just it :)- it is a noun.- it starts with a consonant.- it's something physical.- it's not from Europe.- it's a non aquatic animal.- it starts with k.- it's not from Europe, America, Africa, Antártica, Australia (be aware here!)- The country is New Zealand.KIWI IS THE WORD (as an animal) AND ELF NOOR IS THE WINNER!!!CONGRATULATIONS!

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ROUND 60 The name of a person

Our kind Onee let me some days off before posting next round and I must thank her and all member players for your patience and it's just the same I keep on asking if I'm not so quickly responding :)I won't tell any clue in the beginning since I believe it's an easy word, well only that it's a proper noun.Good luck everyone!

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