this group is set for whoever like to learn new languages or to teach others your mother tongue. if you are interested in learning languages, please don't hesitate to join us. if you are willing to teach others your mother tongue, please don't hesitate to join us. if you want to know more about different culture, please don't hesitate to join us. thanks for your attention. By wing.

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welcome to this group and self-introduction

hello guys. welcome to this group for language exchange.

though i am a big fan of languages, i wish that i can say hello in your mother tongue when i meet you in person. i am learning japanese, french and spanish but i have different attitudes towards them. for japanese, i wanna to be camparatively fluent and excellent, because i dream of traveling there alone someday before my graduation. and i also like its culture. as for french and spanish, my goal is to learn sth basic for daily conversation, like "hello""how are you""thank you""see you""please"......

as for myself, my chinese name is Li Yongxin, kinda difficult for you guys to pronounce, so you can just call me Wing, my english name. i am from Guangzhou, China. i can speak cantonese, chinese(mandarin), fluent english, and a little japanese.

my skype id is wingli78. if you are interested , plz add me on skype and i will try to figure out some daily activities for us.

thanks for your attention.



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  • Hello friend
    I am from India, I am learning spoken English English, my native language is hindi.i can teach Hindi,
    My opinion is if you want to learn any language the best way to talk to someone in that language
    My skype name is pkumar12334 my skype address---live:.cid.e263d6d95016ccfd anyone who want to learn English or hindi can call me on skype
  • I can teach Arabic
    • Me too
  • How to chat..Like through comments?

  • hello all

  • Hi everyone , I'm Nourhan from Egypt , I want to improve my English so I'm glade to join you but should I have a skype account ??

  • Hi everyone. i from VietNam, plz add my sky: nhon.rambo.

  • hi everyone
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why to learn languages

Here in schools of big cities, pupils of 9 or 10 years old begin to learn English. The main subject include Chinese, maths, English. However, now, after i started my English for 12 years, i am kinda confused. Many of my schoolmates, both boys and girls, both good and poor at english, have given up all their english, which means they don't use english in life at all, no movies, no english speaking, only some english songs.1. Why do you learn english?2. why do you learn foreign languages…

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2 Replies · Reply by Shaheen Jul 2, 2021

the pronunciation and writing chinese

hello guys. how are you? wish everything is going well with you.In response to Estanis's question about the pronunciation of chinese, i am writhing this to share some more details with you. Chinese has an alphabet similar to english, but the pronunciation of some letters is different. However, these english letters are only used for showing its pronunciation, but not writing.For example, we write 你好(hello)only,  but not "nihao" (你好) because “nihao ”  can mean many different chinese characters.…

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Another introduction

Hi to all 3 of you (as I am currently the fourth member)!Already we are a good metropolitan mix as one is from an Arab-speaking country, one from Spain, then our Chinese host, and one from Africa (South)! To be honest, I don't care much about languages as long as I can communicate with others, and English has proven itself as being that conduit required to link us to one another across the globe - incredibly fascinating, I think! So, maybe I don't fit into this group completely, but I didn't…

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