The Villa: Part Two

Ten years later, Mr. Fox increased his wealth four times as he had before. The sixty-year- old rich man married a beautiful girl of 23. They lived in the villa with the best furniture and facilities.

His driver was Daisy’s cousin. He said that Mr. Fox was alcoholic and very bad tempered and his children didn’t like him at all.

One night, Mr. Fox’s son phoned his father’s driver and asked him to take his father to a hospital because he was in critical condition. Daisy’s cousin went to the villa immediately; he found Mr. Fox was lying on the bed holding a bed sheet on his neck. He removed the sheet; there was a cut on his neck which was bleeding. His pulse was weak. The driver took him to a hospital.

The next day, all local newspapers headlines were “The famous millionaire was killed by his young wife”.
One newspaper in an interview with the killer wrote: “That night my husband had some guests, after dinner, he talked about some estate sales with his guests but they failed to reach an agreement, then he drove them back home. When he came back home, he sat on a sofa drinking alcohol. His eyes were red as blood. He wanted to hit me, I took a knife from the kitchen and defend myself and I didn’t know how I hit him on the neck.

But some people said that Mr. Fox’s son was addicted to drugs, he needed money but his father avoided giving him money. He deceived his father’s wife. He had told her to kill his father when he was asleep, then they divided his wealth between them and he would never tell anybody about that.

Although Mr. Fox was a bad man, Daisy and Rose felt sorry for him.

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  • Dear Onee,

    Thank you so much for taking your time to read my blog. I'm glad you like it. I agree with your opinion.

  • Dear Saba,

    Every event has a reason...

    People tend to conclude from what they see. However, we never know what's in their heart. At least we know that "every action has its consequences". Thank you for sharing this story. I like this kind of blog. :)

  • Hello Shadow!

    Sorry for mistaking your name.

  • Hello Shabab!

    So many thanks for your nice comment and the like.

    Most people said his son and second wife planned to kill him.

  • Read part one & two both. It's really a very good story. Millioner Mr.Fox was very poor in his real life.
    I am really feeling very sorry to him same as Daisy & Rose.
    But I am little bit curious that actually how was making his death.
    Thanks for sharing dear Sabab,vabi.
  • Hello Serene

    I'm so sorry to forget to set my blog open to comments....a few days later, when I so no comments, I remembered and edited it.

    As for the punishment, his wife was sent to prison but his son was acquitted.

  • Hi Elf


    Thank you for the beautiful comment. It is appreciated.

  • Dear Evangelina

    Yes, that villa was really a curse for him.

    I think one should have weatth that deserves to have it, but most of the time it isn't so.

    Thanks for taking your time to share your comment.

  • Hi Setareh,

    I'm glad my blog is interesting to you.

    At last, Mr. Fox's wife was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

    Thank you for the feedback.

  • Dear Rk

    Thank you for the nice comment and the like.

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