There was a famous Japanese master of Japanese martial arts. He had a lot of disciples. One day, they were separated into two groups and argued. One group went to the master and told him about the other group's faults. The other group did the same thing. Both groups asked the master which group was right. The master thundered out to them, "You only talked about the faults of others and didn't talk about your own faults." He said, "When everybody admits their own faults first,  there will be no fight. Everybody must realize their own faults before blaming their opponent." The disciples listened to the words and admited their own faults. After that, the disciples got along together.

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  • Kunichiwa Tam, I agree with that. Thanks for your nice blog. It has a lot of meanings. 

    • Hi, Salah. Thank you for your comment.

  • It's so honest to admit your own faults to become a better person and show your respect to other people.

    • Hello, Mrs Sia. Thank you for your comment.

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