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  • oh so happy to see your comment on my profile, I didn't notice it cause no notification at all, I forgot how the page works! such an interesting feeling that you're still here haha

    "I'm still not sure who you might be", you said so. uhm... so I remember I was a very objectionable girl who used to arguing with you very much, right? haha

  • Hardi!!!

  • Happy Friday Hardi ^^

  • oh .. its wordless Wednesday.. i should send some wordless picture.. but then i am too lazy to transfer the picture from my phone. 

  • its like we been missing for 1 1/2 years hardi.. lets active once again.. ^^

  • Zdravo Hardi, I hope to be one of your friends. Thanks!
  • you need to let go that FRIDAY =P

  • is there anyone else that can help me?

  • hi hardi

    i have a request 

    i am new in viber and telegram and not member of any group

    i like to be. if you know any English or non-English group please be kind and add me  

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