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Why is choosing a bicycle light so difficult?

Can't they make it easier to chose them, with some easy to understand guides? I bought a new bicycle headlight at last year. It was so difficult to chose. There wasn't such, that I could say: "This is the light I want!" So many different lights.…

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30.10.18 Got lost again.

I thought that, that since I got glasses a year and about 3 or 4 months ago. I'm now better at orientation too, but not that much. I can go little bit deeper into forest I guess, but I'm still bad at orientation. I definitely must avoid going…

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29.10.18 Winter.

First little snow and cold weather has arrived. By the noise it looked like most cars had got studded tires already, when I was walking in town. I don't like that noise. I say, it's even painful to ear. I already did not like that motorized…

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Hardi commented on Hardi's video
"Yeah, it's amazing, isn't. ^_^"
Jun 24
Hardi commented on Hardi's video
"Yes we have moose here."
Jun 24
Hardi commented on Tara Benwell's video
"I could, since it's functional, but I couldn't because boor color scheme. When all furniture is hid…"
Jun 24
Hardi commented on reedom's video
"Actually, Maru isn't a chan, it's a kun isn't..
Well at least I'm sure it's not まるさま and definitely…"
Jun 24
Hardi commented on reedom's video
".. "kao wo" something.... Sorry. I'm not that good of Japanese... "nihongo ga hetta desu."

Can it…"
Jun 24
Hardi commented on reedom's video
"I see, If Maru don't mind it then it's fine.:)

Oh yeah. This reminds me. Where is my white day pre…"
Jun 24
Hardi commented on reedom's video
"Just excuses.

Well, I actually knew that. From watching animes.

I just couldn't resist to mock yo…"
Jun 24
Hardi commented on reedom's video
"This one was good.. but "chotto hutotteru" (a little fat) might be a bit moderate. :D

Well, thank…"
Jun 24

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  • oh so happy to see your comment on my profile, I didn't notice it cause no notification at all, I forgot how the page works! such an interesting feeling that you're still here haha

    "I'm still not sure who you might be", you said so. uhm... so I remember I was a very objectionable girl who used to arguing with you very much, right? haha

  • Hardi!!!

  • Happy Friday Hardi ^^

  • oh .. its wordless Wednesday.. i should send some wordless picture.. but then i am too lazy to transfer the picture from my phone. 

  • its like we been missing for 1 1/2 years hardi.. lets active once again.. ^^

  • Zdravo Hardi, I hope to be one of your friends. Thanks!
  • you need to let go that FRIDAY =P

  • is there anyone else that can help me?

  • hi hardi

    i have a request 

    i am new in viber and telegram and not member of any group

    i like to be. if you know any English or non-English group please be kind and add me  

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