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  • Hello, have a nice Sunday!



  • Hi.

    I actually don't remember "Gundam Unicorn" very well.

    They release only 2 episodes per year. So far 3 episodes have been released.

    So every time when I watched a new episode. I have had difficult to understand what's happening, because I have forgot last episode.

    Have you already had a chance to see "Kimi to Boku"?

    I liked second episode. Next Tuesday third episode will be released.


    Also "Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam" first episode was released currently, but I only saw it in Japanese. So I couldn't understand much. I hope I can see it with English subtitles soon..

    Although the protagonist was a very young girl, and there seems a lot of young children. It seems better than I expected. First, it didn't look as exciting as the first season of "Last Exile" was, but I think that it might be still good..


    I think the "Last Exile: Ginyoku noFam" might be little better than "Gundam AGE". ^_^

  • Hello Yuko, thank you, for dropping by. I was happy to see your comment.


    I already saw first episode of the new Gundam("Gundam AGE"). I think, that maybe the "Gundam AGE" is for younger kids. It seems not so interesting as "Gundam 00" was. But this was only first episode. Maybe it gets more interesting latter.


    I too liked "Gundam seed", but I can't decide which Gundam I like most..

    But well, I think I like "Gundam Seed", "Gundm 00" and "Gundam Unicorn".




    And belated Happy birthday! to you from me also. ^_^

  • May every pleasure in life come your way, today and every day. Have a fantastic birthday.Nhu, Happy bithday to!2382850383?profile=original
  • Hi Yuko I'm really glad to be acquainted with you and Junko. I hope we'll share a lot together. Have a nice day!2382795310?profile=original
  • nice to meet you too, I hope we're close freind. Have a nice day Yuko. Nhu
  • Thanks for your reply. ^_^


    I like gundam too. I think I've seen most of it's seasons. But for this autumn, I'm actually more excited of waiting for some other animes. I want to see wheter "Last Exile" new episodes are as good as it's previous season was. It's previous episodes were so good.. I watched it many times.


    I'm also interested of "Hunter x Hunter". I liked it's first anime adaption and I was so sad when it ended, because I wanted to know how it continues.


    I'm curious also about "Kimi to Boku". I like "slice of life" genre very much.. and this anime seems different, because although it have such title(you and me) and that main characters are all boys, it supposedly does not contain any "shonen-ai", or other that kind of things!

    So it seems like it's little different from usual anime. I'm curious to see, whether it's anything for me.


    Maybe I will also like Chihayafuru, because it seems "shojo"(girls) anime with cute character design... Not sure, if I will like it, but I hope, that it's my liking.

    Well there's so many animes again that I'm interested of, that it might be too long to tell all of them.. ^_^

  • Thanks for your comment. ^_^

    I'm doing so-so. It's autumn, therefore there are some colds, or flus going around by people to people.

    I have been sickish too, but currently I feel not too bad. ^_^


    The weekend was usual. Nothing remarkable. Maybe little bit more boring, because there was less anime to watch. Many summer animes ended in Japan and most of autumn animes aren't started there yet.

    I can't see current Japanese anime in tv. here in Estonia, but I can watch them from internet.



  • Hi, I'm from Sri Lanka. My students like to talk with you via skype.


  • Hi. Have a nice weekend!





    Nya! ^_^

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