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This picture is only temporary.. I promise, that I will draw soon a nicer one. :)

Hardi. ^_^

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  • This is great, an anime group. Hello everyone!
    • Hi, belated welcome to the group from me too. So nice to see that people still come here.
    • yes.. except for the group sachou hehe
    • Hi.. welcome to the group
  • Happy New Year 2020

    May this year full with Haikyuu & Natsume =D
    • The picture welcoming to group, might be traumatic to the year of rat though.. Did the new year really came to this group? Very brave rat!!
    • yes its kinda not welcoming picture... and why that cat bleeding.. i dont know... lets draw a new one... like de cat n de rat
  • hello
    • Hi Satya
  • that nice group
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Love Anime

Hi Every one , I joined this group because i crazy about anime Hunter and Naruto are my favorite anime and i love all animeI want from you any recommendation about new anime , i'm in this season watch Ace of diamond 2 ,Shokugeki no souma and other And i'm wait for haikyuu 2  

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The Ant bully

Hi guysI joined this group because I love cartoons .THE ANT BULLY is one of my favourite cartoons .It is about a kidwho always tries to destroy ants colonies since he says "I am big and you(Ants)are small.He is called the destroyer ,therfore the ant make magic to turn him tiny creature which leads him to discover many things about the ants ,and helps them to kill enemies .I will let you see the latest ,and enjoy...

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