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This picture is only temporary.. I promise, that I will draw soon a nicer one. :)

Hardi. ^_^

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  • Hello everyone,
    I think this group is for kids am i right??
    • Hello Tabrez alam. Hello Kate. Yes this group is to anyone who likes anime. Or cartoon, or probably also other things related. ^_^
    • I think you are wrong.This group is for anime lovers I guess.
    • Thank you @Kate for clarification i thought that only kids loves cartoon or Anime, i was wrong :)
    • I think you are wrong.This group is for anime lovers I guess.
  • Hi guys newbie here. Please let me join the group since I have the same interest in anime and cartoons.
    • Hello welcome to Animegrup, Kenneth Rivera. Nice to meet you.
    • Nice to meet you too Hardi.
  • Hello friends
    How are you?
    So long time passed and now I became online
    • welcome back Farid
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Open Letter to Yoh

Dear Yoh,It has been a while we @Animegroup  didn't hear from you.  How are you?   How's life?I hope you are well and hope that you're still coming once a while at MyEC.Just drop by say Hi.. we are still around... well only me... I could see Hardi pop-up once in a while...  Stay safe and Take care Fizzy @ wondering.

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1 Reply · Reply by sewar Jun 17, 2021

Love Anime

Hi Every one , I joined this group because i crazy about anime Hunter and Naruto are my favorite anime and i love all animeI want from you any recommendation about new anime , i'm in this season watch Ace of diamond 2 ,Shokugeki no souma and other And i'm wait for haikyuu 2  

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