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  • Hello I am from Angola, Africa but was born and grew up in Europe and can speak native English. I am an advanced English teachers wanting to teach and improve the english of students of all levels and exchange ideas with fellow advanced teachers. Can chat with me freely in oder to learn. My ID on Skype is live: profjoaochitali and lets talk.
  • Hello from France! I would like to practice English speaking through Skype. My Skype name is: " prual.rene1"
  • Hello there ! This is Rajib. I like to practice English speaking through skype. I would be glad if you add me with your skype. My skype name is "monjurajib"
    Wish you all the best.
  • my skype id: live:5e5d04a0bde54369
  • Dear all,

    I have a job interview in the UK in three weeks. My spoken English is a bit rusty and I just need a few Skype talks with a native/advanced speaker to regain a bit of self-confidence. I was just wondering whether there is anyone who would be willing to help or know someone who could help?

    my skype: gluarks40@gmail.com

    Thank you.
  • Hey all , If anyone want to practice english add me on skype haary666 . Thank you.
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    Hi, Guys! Check out the FORUM at this very "SKYPERS" Group. There's some thing for you about "SPEAKING IN ENGLISH".
    Follow this LINK: https://www.myenglishclub.com/groups/skypers/forum/speaking-over-skype
    Many learners of English are either reluctant or shy to SPEAK in ENGLISH. One of the reasons is their POOR PRONUNCIATION. Is English pronunciation re…
  • Hey y'all. I am looking for new friends and with them to practice my english if you want to chat with me you can write me or add me on skype carlos.soaresss bye.
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    Hi, friends!
    You can talk to me on SKYPE if you want to improve your SPOKEN ENGLISH. I have GREAT TIPS to share.
    Click this link to reach me: https://join.skype.com/invite/LyXcrWQzI1a1
  • Hi, if anyone want to practice english with me , here is my skype id :


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