gang chen commented on Fred Jansohn's blog post Fairy tale tour!
"你好,do you learning chinese,when you can speak in chinese you can travel many places in china."
May 9
gang chen left a comment for Fred Jansohn
"Hi Jansohn, glad to meet you.
You have been in Beijing in China , that's really amazing!"
May 9
gang chen left a comment for Nekita
"Hi Nekita,nice to meet you. Could you talk aboue your hometown?"
May 9
gang chen left a comment on Learning Partners
"Hi there, I come from chinese and I want to study english further, I want to improve my listening a…"
May 9
gang chen left a comment on SKYPERS
"Hi, I come from china, and I like to make friends.My skype id is chengang163abc, we can improve eng…"
May 9
gang chen left a comment on EnglishClub Thailand
"Hello everyone, I am so glad to join this group."
May 9
gang chen left a comment for sweety
"Hi sweety, nice to meet you.
I am a little busy several days ago.
There is a huge water amusement p…"
May 9
gang chen left a comment for lucky
"Hi lucky, niec to meet you.
May 9

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  • Thanks Gang chen.Glad to meet you too...

  • welcome to EC Thailand ....

  • hi gang chen, thanks for added me, am here to practice English to, would u like to voice chat to speak english and be friend, if u do add me on Skype lucky_2011, see you and have fun here :), nice to know  u

  • are u gang chen,
    i'm very sorry for my late reply cause spent time last time for new year,
    by the way py new year from me in Indonesia.
  • hi

    happy new year to you too .

    Did we meet before?

    have a nice time

  • Thanks for the friend request =)


  • Hello !

    Thanks =)

    I'm  from Morocco. I see you're from Beijing, I read a book in french called "Chroniques de Chine" about China, written by a Moroccan young girl, Leila Ghandi, she was in Beijing, it's full of life, traditions, modernity, colors,  it's magical =)

    Greetings from Morocco !

  • Hi gang chen, nice to meet you too thank you happy new year :)

  • Hi gang chen !

    Thanks for your message 

    Happy new year 2012 !


    Did you take the photos of the firework or new year lights and decoration ? :))

  • Hello !

    How are you?

    Thanks for your comment, and sorry for the late reply !

    I love your photos very much, wow ! And China is just amazing =)

    Have a nice day, and Happy New Year !


This reply was deleted.






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