Share your travel stories and connect with locals to find the best places to eat, drink, sleep and party. Study and travel abroad with your friends. Immerse in exciting cultures and experience a language first hand
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  • Hi everyone, I have joined this group because I do love to travel. I want to read travel experiences of various place by the group members. I'm also planning to visit some European countries in near future.
  • Hi everyone.I come from china.I like travel and take photos, one of my dream is visit many country abroad. Such as Italy, French, England, Newyork, Switzerland......and communicate with foreign friends.

  • Hi, i am a Russian and my english is not very good, but i think that communication is the easiest way to study the language. I live in Moscow and me and my wife likes to discover interesting places: churches, monuments of architecture. as we like to ride horses. Our age is 30 and we want to find people with similar interests to communicate and travel.
  • Hi everyone,

    I just joined this group because I really do love to travel. If good planning has been done the trips are great. My first trip abroad I ran out of money before I had planned to. I had a Eurail pass and rode the trains a lot and that saved some costs for a place to sleep by traveling at night. the down side to that is missing much of the scenery since you pass through in the dark.

    I also learned that camping gear should be warmer than necessary since if you are warm you can open your sleeping bag. If your gear is too light and it gets really cold outside you will spend the night a wake and very cold Burrrrr...
  • Hi all ,I like traveling very much so I join this group , I hope to speak more about traveling....thanks all
  • Thank you to join Travel companions group, I see remarkable progress with you ........KEEP IT UP
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