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  • 2386078787?profile=originalDear Asma,

    Years come, they fly by leaving traces,

    let me pray everything beautiful stay in your sketchbook of

    beautiful life, love, peace and endless bliss.


  • Hi Asma ,Ihop you accept me to be your friend
  • Hi Asma, nice to see you.

    I like to make friend. I have some friend from many country in internet.


  • hi Asma,

    how are u long time no see on the EC pages. i hereby invite you to the group of writing. I am going to establish a group of creative writing if you are interested just put your comment . Thanks again. 

  • Hi Asma, gald to meet you and happy new year.

  • 2382999547?profile=originalWishing you and your family, all the best.


  • Hello Asma,

      Thanks for sending me a warm greeting. I really appreciate it!

      Take care............ : )2382801524?profile=original

  • Hi Asma,

    Here is something from me in my own discussion.


    Have a good time!

  • Hi, Asma.

    To answer your questions....

    Honestly, I'm not a good role model when it comes to expressing feelings.

    My mood dictates the way I write, talk, eat, work, even sleep.

    My feelings are a bit complicated most of the time.

    Thank goodness to the patience of those around me.

    Have a good one, Asma!

  • Hi Asma,

      Thanks for accepting my friend request and for sharing your thoughts on my discussion...... : )2382652293?profile=original

This reply was deleted.

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"Hi Nijar
thx for your replay and i agree with you that art feed our souls..etc
have a nice day
May 10, 2019
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THX for your comment and be sure that I can accept your opinion whatever it is and i will…"
May 10, 2019