An idiom is a form of expression that is particular to a certain person or group of people. If your friend always says, "squirrelly nuteriffic!" when she means something is great, she's using her own idiom.

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internet chat speak

Here are some common acronyms that you'll often see when chatting to English speakers in an informal environment.

LOL - (I am) laughing out loud.
ROFL - (I am) rolling on the floor laughing.
ASL? - (What is your)…

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hi all i wanna know your thought about goal of life.. i have to start my quastion with this.. what is the  goal of life in this world ?

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  • Thank you very much for voting! Sure, it was just kidding to  release the stress in the chatroom. Anyway, you really helped me to win the bet! Its idea was to prove the following: all people can tell the difference between true and false feelings, true art and its good imitation. I asked EC to jugde as many of you have never heard country music at all. It is fair, isn't it? If I asked Americans, it wouldn't be fair at all (ha-ha!). Hope, you had good time listening to that music

  • :D :D :D

  • Arman Jan, How are my dear brother???Hope you are doing well??


  • Hi, Arman, How are you, my brother??HOpe you are fine too.

    I am very ill , Arman, but Alhamdullilah for everything.

    Thank you so much for liking my new picture.

    Hope to see you soon.

  • Arman:Hi , you are  really helping me on both sides and I am very proud of knowing you.You are much more kind than me I know that  for sure.YOu are really on the top of them, and you know that ;)...

  • Hi , Arman, How are you my brother???Hope you are always fine...I wish to see you soon on line......

  • hi Arman. where are you my brother??

  • Good mOrning Arman..I am here my brother..Hope you are ok.

  • Arman , hi are you there????

  • Hi Arman , how are you.....I am here on line but , unfortunately, you are not...I hope that you are ok.....see you later

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