internet chat speak

Here are some common acronyms that you'll often see when chatting to English speakers in an informal environment.

LOL - (I am) laughing out loud.
ROFL - (I am) rolling on the floor laughing.
ASL? - (What is your) age/sex/location?
BRB - (I will) be right back.
GTG - (I have) got to go.
BB - Blackberry
WTF - What the funk!
TTYL - Talk to you later.
OMG - Oh my goodness/god!
GG - Good game.
TY - Thank you.
ETA - Estimated time of arrival
WB - Welcome back.
ASAP - As soon as possible.

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  • Good , I will keep them as my it good :D

  • You shouldn't moderate comments (making people wait for approval for a comment). See my blog on community and privacy about how to fix this.  if you read the comments you will see that nobody likes to have their comments moderated and it is not necessary on a site like this. Nobody will write bad things on your page here.

  • I think this is useful for people who use the chat or use SMS on their phones.  The WTF is actually a pretty bad one to use and certainly not for use to someone like a teacher or parent. Thank you for writing. I hope you will write some more blogs and gain experience and confidence Arm@n.

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