Feel Each Moment

We all want to be happy but unfortunately some people fail, give up, others just complain, however this all is about us, in fact our own attitude matters. We decide, we feel, we try, we succeed!

Just imagine a puzzle – this puzzle is your life and each piece of it is one moment of your life. There are so many little pieces – moments we should enjoy and be happy about them. Our senses, our feelings, emotions they all can talk and we should learn to listen to them and follow them...

Maybe your life would be happier, if you didn't ignore these little things because they are worth enjoying them. One awesome mouthful of delicious food can make you feel great because you slowly enjoyed it and felt its perfect taste. A lovely nice melody of a song can make you listen to it over and over again just because you love its vibes and do enjoy it! Smell of the fresh air in the forest after rain, sunset over the horizon or freezing morning are magical moments we can enjoy with our senses on the maximum. Why am I saying this all? You know, it is sad that people tend to ignore nature, feelings and signals own body gives them just because modern IT era makes them dull, nervous, too busy and even paranoid.

So my advice at the end of this blablaing is:

Don't forget, please, that life is about enjoying happy moments it brings, not about ignoring them and being sad…

It is easy, just open your eyes, live and feel each moment :-)

Source: http://www.gettyimages.com/detail/illustration/funny-puzzle-doodle-royalty-free-illustration/455455235

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  • I missed all my friend luciiii and you

  • Hi luci jan,
    Great post , i just tell you all timrs of our life drepends on our attitued,,

  • i really appreciate. golden and true speech which makes the readers get positive

  • Peppo,
    hahaaa ok let's take coffee and talk on Skype about it :p btw ofc m not happy 24/7 hahaa who can be ...I have mood swings, feel without energy, lost for few days efc. m not any robot with smile on face..anyway, on the other hand as I am getting older and older I think it is better to slow down and enjoy the things :D thanx for your comnent, I liked it!
  • Onee,
    thanx for reading me :) m glad to see your comment ;)
  • TK,
    haven't see you for ages! :) btw thanx for your comment..looks like you got my point! :D
  • Saba,
    my point was to be happy about little things - to make them more important in our life... ofc what you said here wouldn't make anybody happy but like I said.. it is about our own attitude and own percieving our inner world.. thanx for your comment :)
  • Frank,
    Yeahhh I do like your sarcasm! :D you know just few things inspired me to write this blog and realize this all... maybe I was too high but I felt damn good :D thanx for your comment, man!
  • Misha,
    thanx for your deep philosophical comment which made me feel like everything is relative! :D noooo! Moments might go away but our mood will be influenced and it is also about, how we feel..nah?
  • Eva,
    thank you for your comment dear and your nice warm words :) we do compicate things, I agree and the worst is... in many cases it is useless! :D but we don't see it at that one moment...
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