I have created this group to learn new words together, especially the most frequent words.
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Hello dear friends
Welcome to the group!
We will learn new words together in this group.I begin with the head words of the Academic Word List.
Come on and join us,read discussions and participate in them by making new sentences to enrich our vocabularies together.As you know the best way for learning new words is memorizing them in a phrase or sentence,thus you can learn them better when you use it yourself in a simple sentence.
Here is a friendly place,so if you found any mistakes or thought of any changes here I would be happy to listen to all of them.
Good luck!

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  • Hello........

    Iam new in this site,I want to learn new english words........and how to use them.I usually check dictionary.

  • hi thank you for craeting this group i hope ican learn new words here.


  • Noone is perfect. I also was corrected many many times... (See here http://www.busuu.com/user/1441154)

    I still need corrections.

  • Good try, Truong! :)

    Just a small correction because the second part of your sentence needs a verb.

    It's rain in a few minutes, otherwise (in other case; if it didn't rain) the weather would be very hot.:)

  • Therefore we are here ;)
  • Otherwise = in other case

    You ought to study, otherwise (in other case; if you don't study) you will get bad marks.

    appriciate => appreciate


    Good luck, Truong! :)

  • Hello everyone.. I wanna to Improve my language by speaking and listening to other. Also I am looking for friends .. If you want, please add me at skybe ID : gaos2001
  • woooow Great Ensie. I love vocabulary's groups. Thanks for creating this and invited me in. :)

    Skoon ...
  • have a nice day.i 'm new member.hi everybody
  • hi, i am samira.i`m a new member of this group,so i`m not familiar with it.i need your helps.tanx
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insatiable: adj. /ɪnˈseɪ.ʃə.bl ̩/ (especially of a desire or need) too great to be satisfiedHow to pronounce: http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/british/insatiable-I am with an insatiable desire to learn English.- Another ice cream? You are insatiable.insatiably: adv. /ɪnˈseɪ.ʃə.bli/

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proximity : noun /prɒkˈsɪm.ɪ.ti//prɑːkˈsɪm.ə.t ̬i/That means the state of being near in space or time.How to pronounce it.>http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/british/proximityExamples:1. The bookstore benefits from its proximity to several schools.2. Not many mountains in the world are found in such close proximity to an urban area.3. Tom's office is in the proximity of the building.Have a good day.Grace

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Hello everyone,Today I would like to share a phrase that I learned from a magazine as follows.one-of-a-kind: that means unique or specialExample: If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind dress,you might find it in this department store.PS: Please do remember that if there is no noun after the phrase, it's no need to add the hyphen between the words like the following sentence.Example: Many people think that Michael Jackson's dressing is one of a kind.Hope it's useful for everyone and please do…

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