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    Dear Oksana,


    I see, sometimes life is too short :)) to me, especially in Myec where is tempting, I enter in here for jus a couple of minutes, so it takes my big time.


    Anyway, You are a selecting member to me, Thank you. It is nice to follow your " value " effort too. Good to see you on my place, I am glad.


    I like your kindness and your humble standing. Thanks again, taking time for stopping by and leaving your message.


    Good Luck in your to do list !




    Hi Oksana,


    How are you ? How is going on your beautiful group ?


    Have a great weekend,

  • 2382401199?profile=original

    Hi Oksana, 

    I invite you to join the photo challenge#7 : My Expressions

    awaiting your participations, thanks!

    Have fun with me :)



  • Hello Oksana! are your things going right? I hope it.

    Although I know you are a bit "fed up" take a look at this place, as you can see I'm dogged about some titles :-D

    this is not the main page but you can select the language clicking on the books upper right corner–). At the bottom three links for three works, this is one of its:

    Traduction is not perfect, but…

    Hope you enjoy



    Cuentos tal cual, Rudyard Kipling -- Introducción
    Edición bilingüe del texto a cargo de Juan Gabriel López Guix. Saltana, 2, 2005-2008.
  • hI SK Aswin
    thx for your comment writing is a good way to express our feelings as well as talking but i think you have to find a real honest people who can be a good listener and can give you a dvice when you need it. I wish you had. have a happy day
  • JaJAjaJAJAJAJA,JEJEJEJEJE,JIJIJIJIJ,JOJOJOJOJO,JUJUJUJUJUJUJU ;-D (Spanish strong laughter, a difficult sound but I think you can do it, can't you?-)
    HEHEHEHheheHeHEhehehhe (Eng. soft laugh; a very very soft JE, in fact sounds like an expired H[ere] in the C. Islands)
    The other sound...RRRR...BRRRRBRRRRRRRR!! Sounds like a motorcycle noise (hehehe, sorry, motorcycles sounds "as it" here, maybe in your country it sounds different %~D In fact we use this sound to teach to our children.
    I believe your language use strong & explosive consonants also, like Polish or German, is it true?
    In Spanish, maybe the most difficult sound belongs to "LL" as in "lluvia; llave; llano".)
    What kind of characters do you use in your idiom, Latin or Cyrillic?
    Nice joke!
  •  I agree with you,Oksana .  I enjoy speaking English in class ,it's the only place to speak English with,but sometimes the student's can't understand the meanings of difficult words by visual aids.This is why I ask

     Thanks alot for the comment



  • Hi Oksana, wandering outer space I've found this site, take a look at it, if you want it of course


    There are several languges available, this link it's also in my resources already.

    Today I'm short in words.

    Have a good night


  • Oksana, sorry! I didn't copy, just pressed and your email disappeared. Will you tell it again inn a private message?


  • You, too!
This reply was deleted.

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