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Actually, it's not necessary to copy tips into a new discussion. I did so just for making a sample (= how it works).

Copy or not, let it be your choise.


Discussing the content

1. Why did I choose this article? / What made me wonder in the article?

Everyone is facing in his life better and worse days. Everyone works out his own tips how to gain strength in when he is struggling. As for me, it was interesting to compare my own experience with suggestions offered in the article.

2. What have I accepted/opposed in this article? Give a couple of reasons.

Actually, I didn't oppose to any of those suggestions. Conversely, they refreshed my mind. I really appreciate two thoughts among them. The first is about our attitude and how much it affects on our feelings after the failure. The second is about how someone will end up if he keeps his struggle inside himself. It says: "...we let it out by saying hurtful words that we can never fully take back." I noticed the danger of such consequences expressed with the words never and fully.

3. Have I found out something new from the article? Tell a few details.

It was nothing fundamentally new for me in the content, though I picked up new really valuable vocabulary and a marvelous quote of Dennis Brown about good and bad day.

4. Do I like the style and how the article is written?

The article is full of phrasal verbs and other still phrases, therefore it is perceived really vividly. Its vocabulary perhaps was one of the most vital criteria to choose it. Obviously, the vocabulary formed the style which I admit as nice.


Discussing the vocabulary

1. Did I learn new words from the article?


2. Did I learn new phrases from the article?

feel down
head on
set in

3. Did I learn new expressions from the article?

to dwell on the situation
to look at the silver lining
to keep it bottled up inside

and one quote: "The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude." Dennis Brown

4. Name a couple of words/phrases/expressions on every item at least. Supply each word or phrase with its meaning (explanation in other English words). It might be your own explanation or broght out from Macmillan or other dictionary.


By the way, blue words above I used in my text as it was to some extent new for me... Ask me, why? ;)


I didn't finish my asignment with a special purpouse. I left some space for you.

It is the meanings of a new word and expessions.


what they might mean in the context.

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