Let's make a notebook, collect phrases, new words, idioms regularly. Slowly but steadily. Please allow yourself to do your own sentences or use them in your stories then come and copy here.

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  • Hello Anastasia, my amswers are:

    Soon we shall have no dishes left.

    Have you done the saucepan yet?

    Exercises like this are always interesting and i believe that it would be better to create a discussion. It would be easier for everyone to notice it and answer it. I think :)

  •        In  the kitchen

         Mrs Green: It's my turn to wipe up.

       Mr  Green: All right, I'll do the washing -up . What a lot of dirty things!

    Mrs Green: Wait a minute. I haven't finished clearing the breakfast things yet.

    Mr Green: Oh dear! I've broken this cup. It just slipped out of my hand.

     Mrs Green: Do be careful, dear! We shall soon have no cups left.

    Mr Green: I can't think how we get so many dirty crocks and pans from one meal for two!

    Mrs Green: There are the supper things as well, you know.


    Mr Green:Oh dear! I've broken it. It just slipped out of my hand.

    Mrs Green:Do be careful, dear ! Soon we shall have no.........5s left.

    Have you done the........5a yet?

    Mr Green: No. I must have some more water . What a lot of dirty things from one meal !

    5                                   5a

    saucer                            knives

    plate                              carving knife

    soup plate                       forks

    small plate                      spoons

    dessert plate                   teaspoons 

    dish                               tablespoons

    tea pot                           ladle

    jug                                egg beater

    vegetable dish                saucepan

    egg cup




  •  Hello Anastasia,

    Thank you for that great examples. Actually, I'd like to see them on the same page, so everyone can reach & find them easily. Why not adding any discussion forum for your practices  ? :)

    " Working with Anastasia " might be a good choice or whatever you want :)

    Besides, If you put any explanation about "how to practice " and checking out the answers I think, it would be very very useful  :)

    Of course, if you have time !

    I wish the members / learners to raise your motivation,

    Conclusion; it's a pleasure to have you here :) on behalf of the other learners, Thank You Anastasia.

  •                I  LIKE FILMS WHICH END HAPPILLY.

    A: I  like films which end happily.

    B: And I like films which keep me in suspense.

    A: So does Bill.

    B:And Jill likes films which are very sentimental.

    A: I  like gardens that have lots of trees and shrubs.

    B:And I like gardens that are full of flowers.

    A: So does Mary.

    B: And Mother likes gardens that have mostly roses.


    A: I  like...............5 which/that...........9

    B: And  I  like ............5 which/that........9

    A: So  does  X.

    B:And  likes...........which/that........9.

         5                                         9

    books                                  end happily

    plays                                   move quickly

    shows                                 deal with economic problems



                                                                  describe  other countries

    novels                                                 make one laugh

    stories                                                     cry


                                                                     have lots of characters

                                                                     plenty of action



  • Good Morning

    7 grammar myths is worthy to read.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmryTBbY6hE

  •            Taking the dog for a run

     A:Where have you been?

    B:I've been for a walk,walking the dog for a run.

    A: And I've been busy , getting tea ready.

    B: I hope I'm not late for tea.

    A: Where have you been?

    B:I've been riding my bicycle,getting some exercise.

    A:And I've been busy getting tea ready.

    B:I hope I'm not late for tea.


    A:Where have you been?

    B:I've been ......1+ing

    A:And I've been busy,getting tea ready

    B:I hope I'm not late for tea.


    Working in the garden,cutting the hedge

                                 mowing  the lawn

                                 planting potatoes




                                  garage,mending the car

                                  washing the car

                                  shed,potting the plants

                                  sitting on the verandah,shelling peas

                                   idling on the beach ,reading a book

       You can choose from the above verbs to practice.2391060267?profile=original

                             MANY  REGARDS TO ALL MY FRIENDS


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Challenge ~3~ What is Stress ; This is what " Our body responds / reacts by chemical way" !

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