The "writing centre" group was created to establish a place for sharing ideas about how to write, and helping each other with what we know, even the most basic knowledge or experience.
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Writing Process Outline

This is an outline of writing process, according to 7th Ed of “Composing with Confidence” by: Alan Meyers.

In this group we will discuss these steps and sub steps to improve our writing.

Muhammad Aalim

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  • Hi all~

    I am new here,and everything is so new to me.I am so excited that I can find such a good place for me to practice English.Hope everyone can add me as your friend and thus we can learn English together.Thanks a lot~~

  • Want to learn something new from you....I strongly believe that you also get something very new..English is passion...My skype id - yajoarderhimel... 

  • Hi everybody, I'm new here, i do hope i can improve my poor writing. I'd like to be good as you all. and I am so glad to be able to join in this group. Have nice day everyone.

  • Although nobody here seems to have writing problems, maybe this suggestion would be useful for someone. I use it when my mind is in a stuck but I want to write something.
    Well, take two or three different things and make an story with its. That's all. For example, a cow (from the earth) a dragonfly (from the air) the envy (feeling), role the dice of your mind and draft a story with.
  • Hello everyone in the group!

    Hi Javier! I am also a learner of English, not a student though... I noticed that commenting others blogs and replying on comments helped me a lot. I have been here, on MyEC, only for 2 months and already feel the difference. Besides, I don't mind us helping each other.


  • Hello everyone. I'm Javier this is my third year studying this language,  I'm from Spain. I don't know why I like to write in English but I like it, specially in a creative way. I don't know if this is a place to share and correct writings or only to share ideas about writing skills, or maybe both. Could anyone help me?

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  • -Nadiyah-
  • Hello everybody, I'm a new member here. Like Emilie, I'm happy to join this group because I like to write :-) I've been learning English by myself for a long time but I don't have many opportunities to speak English so I try to write instead, I think if I can write well, I can speak well too although when we write, we have much more time to think, to prepare about what we will write and we can correct our mistakes after we wrote than when we speak. But I think it's time I should find a teacher who can correct me whenever I make a mistake, if not, my English would never be perfect.
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Steps to write a paragraph or an essay in English

Hi, everyone. I am My Nguyen. I am a third year student of English in a Vietnamese University. I have covered the steps of writing last year, so I would like to share with you what I have learnt.There are several steps as follow when you write in English1. Choose the topic- If the topic was given, you dont have to choose the topic- If the topic was not given, you can choose a big subject, and then narrow down to make your own topic. For example, "Education" is a subject, "What makes a good…

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when you want to write..?

Writing is a skill which requires many steps to do it in the best way..So all people can read what you write with understanding..You have to recognize the topic you want to write about..You can follow these steps:1- decide the topic .2- the ideas about this topic,so you can make a list of them..3- Put your ideas in order (from most to least)so you can arrange you essay,paragraph or report..4- Write a brief Summary so you can correct yourself and your ideas.5- Expand your ideas with other…

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